Green Science Alliance Developed Nail Polish Bottle Lid, Gel Nail Container, Cosmetic Container from Plant and Bamboo Charcoal (Biochar) based Materials

KAWANISHI, Japan, March 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Environmental problems caused by population explosion such as global warming, natural resource depletion, deforestation, water shortage and plastic pollution are getting severe in the world. Regarding plastic pollution, micro-plastics, nano-plastics are already in our human body and damaging our health.  Therefore, plastic recycling, reduction of plastic usage itself, and biodegradable plastic application and development, are intensively carrying out.  On the other hand, one of the reasons for global warming is said to be CO2 emission increase in the atmosphere. In this respect, compared to petroleum derived chemical products, plant biomass derived chemical products can be considered as carbon neutral because plants absorb CO2 during their growth and total CO2 emission will be 0 after they degrade after usage. Therefore, developing plant biomass derived biodegradable plastic is one way to reduce plastic pollution and CO2 emission.

The challenge of Green Science Alliance is to replace all the petrochemical derived chemical products with plant, nature biomass derived one and this concept is described in one of British chemical article, which is written by company CEO as Dr. Ryohei Mori.

Based on this concept, Dr. Ryohei Mori and his company have been developing plant, nature biomass based biodegradable resin, plastic, coating, glue, adhesive, plasticizer, lubricant, color ink, paint, etc., virtually trying to make every chemical product from plant biomass and not from fossil fuel, petroleum.

In addition, recently, the company has been developing various type of nail cosmetic products such as plant based biodegradable nail tips, plant based gel nails, water biomass based nail polish (with strong adhesion ability), 100% plant based nail polish, 100 % nail polish remover, and plant based glue for nail tips (a little weak adhesion compared to commercial one).  They have been selling these products on their company E-commerce site, too.

And this time, they have made plant based nail polish bottle lid (plant biomass content 99%, biodegradable), plant based gel nail container (plant biomass content 90%) and nail polish remover and cosmetic container (plant biomass content 30 – 90%). The black color they used for the lid and container is the biochar or bamboo charcoal and not carbon black (black pigment made from petroleum).  It should be mentioned here that biochar, bamboo charcoal made from plant or biomass resources are said to have CO2 storage and fixation ability, thus to reduce CO2 amount in the atmosphere.  As such, they have succeeded in creating nail cosmetic content inside, and container outside, both from plant, biomass resources.  One would not often see this type of chemical company who focuses on developing products as environmentally friendly as possible.

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SOURCE Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd.