GreenTek Packaging Launches First Ever Non-Plastic Disposable Utensils Made from Hemp

LONG BEACH, Calif., Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Made from all natural elements, including U.S.-grown industrial hemp, GreenTek Packaging LLC‘s newly launched Hemptensils™ is the first in-kind brand of plant-based disposable utensils that, unlike wasteful plastic end-use products, won’t harm the environment. Developed by engineer and GreenTek Founder Jordan Hinshaw, Hemptensil forks, spoons, and knives are 100 percent bio-based (they have no petroleum) and are compostable, meaning they can break down heat and bacteria into water, air, and carbon dioxide. However, if the products were to end up in a landfill, they would not be devastating to the environment. The products also have a shelf life of more than four years. GreenTek is currently selling Hemptensils products on ecommerce channels, including its own website, Amazon, and the new “Shop” channels on Facebook and Instagram.

Additionally, GreenTek puts a major focus on sustainable production, as well as building American communities, farms, and manufacturing in accordance with the federal legalization of industrial hemp (less than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol) for a stronger, greener economic future. The company partners with growers in California, Kentucky, and North Dakota and is additionally in talks with a few other co-ops that represent hundreds of acres of hemp in the Midwest to see what can be done with their waste profiles. Never has there been greater uncertainty as to the future of the American economy, but purchasing domestically produced hemp enriches both the consumer and the nation.

“There are 40 billion single use utensils used in America every year, of which barely nine percent are recycled. And considering the fact that businesses are using more plastic during the COVID-19 pandemic than they previously were, there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050,” said Hinshaw. “Hemptensils offers a sustainable alternative that leans into the reality of our failing recycling systems to minimize our impact. Using Hemptensils greatly reduces the amount of plastic produced, and as a result, reduces the amount of long term waste created. Plus, working solely with American hemp growers gives us the ability to strengthen our economy. Essentially, by using Hemptensils products, consumers and businesses can play their part to create both a greener, healthier future and a much more sustainable economy.”

GreenTek purchases processed, decorticated hemp that has been converted into petroleum-free hemp pellets to produce its Hemptensils products. At its facility in Long Beach, the company combines pellets with decomposition accelerating enzymes, heats the mixture, and then injection-presses it into a custom mold.

In addition to Hemptensils, GreenTek manufactures hemp polymer cosmetic containers and secondary packaging products. The hemp polymer cosmetic containers offer an innovative solution to the billions of temporary plastic containers produced only to be thrown away. And, from exterior hemp paper boxes to compostable shipping labels, seals, and stickers, GreenTek’s secondary packaging products provide the essential accessories for purists and enthusiasts alike. GreenTek’s design team also offers additional custom, bio-based packaging options at best-in-class pricing.

GreenTek is working on inking multiple distribution deals to get its product into grocers and restaurants. The company currently has a partnership with Follow The Leader Distribution, which is based in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.

GreenTek also has plans to start selling new hemp straw products. Those interested in staying updated on GreenTek’s new product launches should follow the company on Facebook @ShopHemptensils, on Instagram @shophemptensils, on Twitter @GreenTekPlanet, and on LinkedIn (GreenTek Packaging, LLC).

About GreenTek Packaging LLC

Established in 2019, GreenTek Packaging LLC is a Black Minority Owned Business that designs and manufactures eco-friendly packaging solutions and apparel. The company produces hemp-based, compostable plastics to offset virgin plastics being dumped into our oceans and into our food chains. The company’s product line currently consists of Hemptensils hemp-based disposable utensils, hemp polymer cosmetic containers, and secondary packaging. GreenTek’s design team also works with businesses to create custom packaging options. In addition, to strengthen the American economy, GreenTek exclusively partners with and sources the hemp for its products from growers based in the U.S. For more information on GreenTek and its products, please visit

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