Growing Solid Impact Investments from Farm to Table – FarmFundr Crowdfunding Platform Offers Unique Walnut-Farming Opportunity for Accredited Investors

HANFORD, Calif., Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — FarmFundr ( announced a new investment opportunity with an established orchard of walnut trees located in Kings County, California. The Denver Walnut Orchard is a 25.6-acre property with 15-year-old Tulare Walnut trees that have consistently produced an annual average of 5000 pounds of walnuts for a robust market. Interested investors will own 100% of the portfolio company, purchasing an interest in FarmFundr 3, LLC, which will own the deed to the property and manage it. The farm is slated for conversion from conventional to certified organic, making this an important environmental impact investment. As of this writing, the Denver Walnut Orchard project is already 50% funded, having met that milestone just a few days after launch. 

FarmFundr: The Denver Walnut Orchard

FarmFundr is unlike other farmland-focused investments that usually purchase land and lease to farmers. Instead, FarmFundr offers direct, vetted interests in farms that produce crops managed by highly qualified farmers. 

The orchard is a high-profit potential organic conversion project located in an area proven to be optimal for walnut farming in California’s Central Valley. Financial projections for this venture look promising, including:

  • 15.09% projected IRR.
  • 24.26% ROI.
  • 11.30% annual cash yield.

Other factors also make this opportunity attractive:

  • Cash Flow: Annual returns from sales of walnut crop.
  • Increase in value: Organic certification raises land value
  • Excellent water access with two sources of water
  • Substantial appreciation potential
  • Managed by Farm and Land Company, a full-service farming company founded in 1979 with over 50-years-experience. 

FarmFundr: Assets Grown with Expert Hands

Having bought and sold millions in real estate, while currently managing millions in assets, CEO Brandon Silveira’s farm management company was recognized in 2012 for achieving over 900% growth and was named number 701 on INC. Magazine’s list of the fastest growing companies. Brandon’s specialty is farm management, land acquisition, and strategies involving farm financing. As a graduate from California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo with an agricultural degree, Brandon can assure investors they are working with an expert farmer with a clear eye for what is needed for a successful farming venture. 

"Farming begins by seeing the land in its raw state and imagining the bounty it can produce – even in hard times," said Brandon Silveira. "But the Denver Orchard is already bounteous. We don’t have to imagine how fertile it is – we know. And over time, this sort of investment will remain solid because the land itself is very resilient to economic cycles. Despite ups-and-downs, the land remains. The need for food remains. And that need is only going to increase in the future with growing populations. The demand for walnuts is not going to diminish anytime soon. We think this orchard is a great investment."

Potential investors are invited to create a free profile online to explore the Denver Walnut Orchard in-depth and to receive notification of future farmland opportunities. The account includes access to a webinar featuring Brandon discussing the current deal in depth. Please also visit FarmFundr on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

About FarmFundr

FarmFundr is a farmer-owned, equity crowdfunding platform focused on specialty crop operations in the United States, presenting fractional farmland ownership to members. Founded by 2015 by fourth-generation farmer, real estate investor, and farm management expert, Brandon Silveira, FarmFundr is the only crowdfunding platform that creates and maintains opportunities to invest with an experienced farm management team, benefitting from both land price appreciation and crop sales. Learn more at:

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Hilary Mathias, Chief Operating Officer

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