Growing Zebra Mussel Menace in U.S. Waterways, Marinas and Water Recreation Contributes to Ongoing Biofouling Disaster – All-Natural, Copper-Free ZebraCide® Helps Fight the Invaders

GARDNER, Kan., April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ZebraCide® (, recently announced three newly formulated, all-natural zebra mussel ‘minimum risk pesticides’, exempted from EPA registration as a pesticide, utilizing modified natural ingredients corn gluten meal and/or alfalfa and/or spirulina. The new formulas work very well at killing the mussels, without adding heavy metals (copper) that may accumulate over time when repeatedly applied even though copper is a micronutrient it is still classified as a heavy metal. Bacterial are also beneficial, normally at known levels but when over populate and/or a die off occur they often exert exotoxins with possible unknown health effects. Safe use of ZebraCide® contributes to a healthy aquatic environment. Zebra mussels are known for their unique ability to filter massive amounts of water in a very short time, it is that very filtering process that results in the intake of excessive materials that also naturally results in death.  After eliminating the zebra mussels the ingredients in ZebraCide® work continue to act to supplement depleted nutrients for fish, zooplankton and other aquatic life while also being beneficial as a soil amendment and plant enhancer.

Clyde Morgan (Inventor) said, "I am so thankful that I am able to understand nature to develop a product that does not contain copper, a heavy metal, or bacteria that may have endotoxins or exotoxins that have unknown impact. I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude to all those who have supported my efforts, as well as those who have challenged early hypotheses and theories, ultimately leading me to the development of ZebraCide®.  And I’m especially grateful to that unknown federal judge I met on a flight one time – the one who told me that my product was not a pesticide, instructing me to research ‘minimal risk pesticide’ as a classification."

Zebra mussels were first introduced into United States via the Great Lakes waterways around 1980. With each female mussel able to release up to a 1,000,000 eggs per season, zebra mussels began to rapidly multiply and infect waterways throughout the U.S. in a process called biofouling. Attaching themselves by penetrating wood and metal, their destruction is relentless, followed by fouling the waters with residual feces which impacts native aquatic species. These tiny, hard-to-remove mussels also quickly clog filters, pipes and other equipment, hindering the travel, filtration, and cleaning process of water systems, industrially. With far more impacts on lake marinas and water recreation, by accumulating on boats, propellers, docks, swimming areas and ladders.

Zebra mussels pose a significant environmental and economic threat, as they harm native species by attaching themselves to other living creatures and contribute to the problem of biomagnification; while their hard, sharp-edged shells are dangerous and unwelcomed as river and lakeshore pollutants. Adding to the complexity of the problem is the watery habitat of the zebra mussels, which prevents affected industries from being able to use harsh chemical pesticides or introduce metals, as they might contaminate drinking water supplies by accumulating over time.

ZebraCide® is a whole-plant product that eradicates the freshwater pest within hours when used in closed systems like pipes, screens, locks, sweeps, and heat exchangers. ZebraCide® is 100% environmentally friendly and comes with a 100% company guarantee. With plans to announce a cost effective approach to rid zebra mussel infestation within the immediate area of Marinas and swimming areas within days.

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Clyde Morgan, Inventor/CEO 

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