Heartland Water Technology Introduces Biosolids Destruction Process with Assured PFAS Destruction

HUDSON, Mass., Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Heartland Water Technology proudly announces the launch of its comprehensive biosolids destruction process. Heartland is a technology-enabled holistic solutions provider that reduces, separates, and converts challenging wastes – a list that now includes wastewater residuals. Two proprietary advancements lie at the heart of Heartland’s new process: the HelioStorm™ ultra-high temperature ionic gasifier and the Heartland Dryer featuring our proprietary LTC Dry™ technology (Low Temperature Conductive drying).   

LTC Dry, an efficient recirculating thermal drying technology, employs conductive heat to process wet waste material (typically dewatered sludge) with minimal emissions. The Dryer’s advanced thermodynamic process utilizes dry matter for economic and reliable heat transfer. This innovative design, capable of processing up to 50 tons per day of biosolids with moisture content ranging from 5% to 35%, dramatically reduces volume by up to 95%. The dried material is subsequently channeled into the HelioStorm gasification process where it is processed at temperatures up to 10,000°C, completely destroying all per- and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) compounds while attaining over 90% carbon conversion. Organic material is converted into renewable energy, with only a small amount of inert char remaining for beneficial reuse or disposal. 

The introduction of this new integrated biosolids destruction solution marks a significant milestone in Heartland’s mission to revolutionize management of challenging wastes. In concert with this cutting-edge technological advancement, Heartland is also pleased to announce the addition of industry veteran Jon Orr to the Heartland team.

Heartland’s CEO, Chris Beaufait, expressed his enthusiasm about the progress at Heartland: “Heartland’s team is our most important asset, and we’ve just made an important addition. Jon Orr joins as Director of Thermal Utilization, with 25+ years of experience working with thermal technologies. By combining proprietary technology with industry-respected leaders like Jon, Heartland will deliver a differentiated service for our customers.”

Jeff Synder, the Managing Director of Heartland’s Waste Conversion business, shared similar sentiments: “Our biosolids destruction process cost-effectively delivers significant volume reduction while simultaneously addressing the issue of PFAS contamination. We are excited to solve these important problems for our customers.”

About Heartland Water Technology, Inc

Heartland Water Technology, Inc. (www.heartlandtech.com) is a technology-enabled holistic solutions company that reduces, separates, and converts challenging wastes.  Its proprietary award winning direct-contact wastewater evaporation solution, the Heartland Concentrator™, has a proven track record of successfully treating a wide range of industrial wastewaters and utilizing waste heat (including landfill gas and engine/turbine exhaust) to fuel its process. The HelioStorm ultra-high temperature ionic gasifier offers a distributed solution for complete breakdown of a variety of feedstocks, generating clean hydrogen and converting carbon for beneficial reuse. 

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