How ClearBags Helps the Environment with Eco Friendly Packaging

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn., April 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bringing more eco-friendly products to the packaging industry, ClearBags is on a mission to make sustainable options available and affordable.

For years, ClearBags has been providing customers with packaging solutions that are innovative and budget friendly. Starting with an expansive line of plastic bags and boxes, ClearBags has moved forward with increasing paper products, options that are fully recyclable and eco-friendly materials in an effort to be more environmentally conscious.

Recyclable Products

Many of ClearBags’ bags and boxes are made to be recyclable. Crystal Clear PET Boxes are recycle code 1 and bags are a variety of LDPE with recycle code 4 and PP with recycle code 5. ClearBags is taking it a step further by creating new rPET boxes that still retain their signature Crystal Clarity and recyclability but are now made with 100% post consumer waste. In addition to that, a new line of Stand Up Pouches have been created in LDPE and with a high barrier ALOX coating, making these easier to recycle from home. 

Paper Products

ClearBags started with paper boxes for greeting cards and simple kraft paper zipper pouches for food, and has grown their line of paper products to include much more. Heat Seal bags are now available in kraft paper and come with a compostable PLA lining for food items and bath products. Handle bags also include paper bags with strong twisted handles for carry out at grocers, apparel stores and for food take-out. The options don’t stop there. Paper treat bags can be used for party favors, grease resistant bags are designed for bakeries and merchandise bags are great for boutiques looking for eco-friendly packaging.

Eco Friendly Materials

Eco friendly materials have a growing interest in the packaging industry and ClearBags is taking steps to match that interest. Some of the paper products ClearBags carries, such as some boxes and greeting card envelopes, are made up of PCW (post consumer waste), meaning it does not require new materials to be sourced and can reuse and recycle previously used materials. One prevailing environmentally friendly material ClearBags is using is PLA, a poly lactic acid sourced from fast growing and easy to produce corn starch or sugar cane, which is being used in many of the compostable bags listed on the website. All of these PLA bags are ASTM D 6400 and DIN EN 13432 certified.

About ClearBags

An innovative packaging seller for 30 years, ClearBags offers the widest range of high-quality, product packaging solutions that ship and store flat with low minimums for customization, ease of ordering, speed of delivery, and the support of packaging experts. Explore and learn more about how ClearBags is empowering businesses of all sizes with memorable, and affordable packaging for their year-round needs.

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