Illinois Soil Health Week 2022 Supported by Feed Earth Now LLC (Fen Industries)

SKOKIE, Ill., March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Soil Health Week (March 7-11) and Soil Health Day (March 9, 2022) are two initiatives of the Illinois Stewardship Alliance’s Soil Health Caucus. This first ever Statewide recognition of the importance of sustainable soil health to the farming industry is endorsed by Feed Earth Now, LLC, DBA as Fen Industries, developers, and manufacturers of Terreplenish®.

Since 2012 Feed Earth Now LLC (FEN) has led the way in the research, development, manufacture, and distribution of an effective soil regenerative agricultural solution for healthy soil. Fen targets three environmental intervention points, landfill management, soil remediation and water conservation in the development of a concentrated liquid cover crop for farmers.

FEN’s accelerated composting technology allows waste management facilities to cut composting time from months to days. It limits the cost of liquid waste disposal while generating revenue from the sale of a microbial concentrate, Terreplenish®.  This concentrated liquid replenishes, revitalizes, and nurtures agricultural soil.

The Illinois Stewardship Alliance’s Soil Health Caucus drafted and submitted the House and Senate Resolutions SJR44 & HJR64. This vital educational opportunity was embraced by Senator Scott Bennett and Representative Charlie Meier who shepherded the joint resolution through the Legislature to memorialize Soil Health Day and Week.

Soil and water conservation, composting, along with waste management are all contributing factors to the soil health of agricultural lands. Farmers are a driving force in education and research in soil health. In advocating for Soil Health Day and Week legislation the Illinois Stewardship Alliance’s Soil Health Caucus highlighted the voices of farmers.

There are 72,000 farms which cover 27 million acres across the State of Illinois according to the United States Department of National Agricultural Statistics Service. (USDA-NASS).

Corporate farming techniques relying on larger applications of nitrogen fertilizers is a factor in unhealthy and dead soil. Fresh, healthy larger crops, begins with bio-active living soil. Feed Earth Now LLC (FEN) is an advocate of healthy soil. An application of Terreplenish®, replenishes agricultural soil with live active microbes while providing many other benefits including pathogen control, phosphorous control, and better emergence scores.

Feed Earth Now LLC (Fen Industries), the makers of Terreplenish® is a proud supporter of Illinois Soil Health Week 2022 and work every day towards innovations that will keep soil healthy, prosperous and contamination free.

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