Innovate Tech Charlotte Launches ‘Sustainability and AI’ Summer Camp at UNCC

CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Innovate Tech Charlotte is thrilled to announce its upcoming “Sustainability and AI Summer Camp” to be held at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte from July 17th to July 31st, 2024. This two-week camp is designed for high school students passionate about STEM and sustainability, offering a unique blend of education, hands-on experience, and real-world application.

The summer camp will equip students with critical skills in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, IoT, and Blockchain. Participants will receive Sustainability STEM Kits™ to explore and address the UN’s key Social, Economic, and Environmental issues. Furthermore, the camp features our proprietary Technology As A Trade™ shirt, a revolutionary Leadership assessment, and comprehensive career and pay path guidance with potential jobs offering salaries ranging from $60,000 to $120,000 annually.

“Today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape requires a workforce that is not only proficient in AI and related technologies but also deeply aware of sustainability issues. Our camp prepares young minds for high-paying, impactful careers in these crucial sectors,” said Paul Day, the Program Director at Innovate Tech Charlotte.

For a limited time, Innovate Tech Charlotte is offering a 50% discount on camp registrations. This initiative not only aims to educate the next generation of tech leaders but also supports our broader mission to enhance accessibility to quality STEM education.

The camp will also feature guest speakers from leading industries and an enriching curriculum that includes a Certificate of Achievement for all participants. “We are committed to fostering an environment where young talent can thrive and are excited to see the solutions these young innovators will develop for global sustainability challenges,” added Paul Day.

Event Details:

  • Title: Sustainability and AI Summer Camp
  • Date:  July 17 – July 31, 2024
  • Location:  University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Registration:
  • Discount:  50% off for a limited time

About Innovate Tech Charlotte

Innovate Tech Charlotte is dedicated to preparing students for the future by providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in high-demand tech jobs. Through various educational programs and partnerships, we aim to make a lasting impact on our community and the tech industry.

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Paul Day
Executive Director
Innovate Tech Charlotte

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