Introducing Lemu, An App to Value Life on Earth

Mobile app brings people, nature, and conservation organizations together to boost nature-based solutions to the environmental crisis

FRUTILLAR, Chile, Oct. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lemu, creators of a community of nature lovers and stewards of environmental projects throughout the world, today announced starting November 7, its mobile app for Android and Apple iOS would be taking new users who sign up on Lemu’s website to join the list of early adopters. Lemu expects to fully open the platform to the general public early in 2023.

Lemu’s mission is to connect nature to the internet, allowing everyone to engage in actions that help revert the environmental crisis with a verifiable impact. Lemu allows anyone to explore nature through their atlas, learn about conservation areas, adopt ecosystems, and witness their impact, all right on the app. Starting in November, users will be the first to adopt and contribute to conservation projects throughout the world through the app.

“Many people are asking what they can do about climate change. Nature already has the best solutions to the environmental crisis and today we can bring it online and get everyone involved in accelerating these actions that go beyond just fighting climate change,” said Leo Prieto, founder and CEO of Lemu. “Technology has advanced to the point where we can use hyperconnectivity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Earth’s biosphere. This allows us to combine scientific rigor with an easy-to-use tool that allows the Lemu community to learn, connect and more importantly, act. With the help of Lemu, anyone can have an impact in protecting life on our planet.”

Lemu helps everyone boost verifiable, evidence-based nature conservation and ecosystem restoration. Lemu takes advantage of sophisticated technological tools and instruments used to measure environmental change. Lemu aggregates data from satellites, hyperspectral, and LiDAR (light detection and ranging) imaging, environmental DNA sampling and auditable open data, scientific literature, and other research. This data provides a shared resource for people, communities, advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, and others. Lemu also provides a common platform to share information and insight to deal with the environmental crisis. 

Scientists at Lemu are currently working on a spatial conservation prioritization method that assigns values to each region for ecological contributions, fresh water, food, medicine, pollination, and even tourism. The Lemu algorithm will then assign a non-monetary value to each ecosystem, a LemuIndex, which can be used as a metric for environmental impact. Community members will be able to use the LemuIndex to make informed decisions about participating in environmental projects.

Lemu also is finalizing the construction of its own hyperspectral nanosatellite, Lemu Nge (“Forest Eye“), to be launched by SpaceX in 2023. Lemu Nge will constantly monitor the Earth’s biosphere, providing information on environmental conservation projects through the Lemu website and apps.

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About Lemu

Founded by South American Internet pioneer Leo Prieto, Lemu is committed to using technology to harness collective intelligence to improve life for all of Mother Earth’s inhabitants. Lemu encourages users to learn, explore, and invest in nature, preserving biodiversity and encouraging participation in conservation initiatives. Lemu’s goal is to be responsible for financing the protection of 1% of planet Earth within the next 10 years.

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David Parmet