Introducing The Most Effective Way to Water Trees & Plants Directly at the Roots

Irrigation Device Effectively Saves Water, Money & Enhances Tree/Plant Life

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Inspired by the need to keep a half century old family orchard alive, Root Quencher® is a subsurface watering and irrigation system that brings effective, yet simple underground watering innovation to the garden & landscape industry. Brand new this year, launching at the National Hardware Show this week in Las Vegas, is the Root Quencher Jr. IMAGES HERE

Root Quencher saves 50% water (versus sprinkler-based watering) and integrates with existing irrigation systems, or can perform as a standalone device to water plants and trees. It is fully adjustable in consideration of root depth and soil conditions while the flow controls facilitate directional water flow. Made in the USA with high quality recycled ABS material, Root Quencher waters and fertilizes directly at the roots.

“It’s not enough to simply water the surface of the soil,” said Robert Summers. “A tree’s deep roots also need to receive water to keep the tree healthy. Deep watering can be the difference between a healthy tree and a dying tree.”

NEW! Root Quencher® Jr. A deep root watering device for smaller shrubs and plants. Replaces existing sprinkler heads to provide water and fertilizers directly to the roots. Adjustable flow controls that allow you to balance the RQ Jr. with your existing irrigation. Directional plugs available to focus the water exactly where you need it.

How the Root Quencher works:

  • The Root Quencher easily installs just inside the canopy of your tree, fruit tree or shrub and connects seamlessly to your existing irrigation system (dig a hole, cut into the sprinkler/irrigation line, add a T fitting to connect the Root Quencher to the water line, adjust water valve and turn irrigation on to fill chamber and water directly at the roots) or as a standalone device.
  • Adjust the depth of the Root Quencher device for plant and tree needs and soil conditions ranging from 9 inches to 22 inches. Designed to be adjustable for all tree and plant needs as well as soil conditions, the Root Quencher delivers water and nutrients to your landscape in the most efficient and effective manner. The Root Quencher Jr. is for smaller plants, rose bushes and measures 2 inches wide by 6 inches deep.
  • Directional plugs are available to focus the water exactly where you need it while the bottom chamber is 99% closed allowing for effective water and fertilizer containment, mixing and directional distribution.
  • Water fills the chambers and wicks out the holes with capillary action and absorbs laterally, vertically and down the root zone to nourish roots.
  • The flow control valve balances the water output with other devices in targeted zones and adjusts water output for specific plant and tree requirements while the three telescoping chambers holds and distributes water. The water distribution holes facilitate the channeling of water.

Root Quencher includes a chamber cap with vent holes for air circulation with easy access to flow controls and fertilization.

Deep watering is the key to tree health.

Other Root Quencher products for deep irrigation include The Root Quencher Spike (Summer 2023) and Root Quencher Blade (2024).


Root Quencher® Spike The latest in subsurface watering for drip irrigation. Designed for Homeowners and Landscape professionals, the Spike connects directly into ½” drip line to bring water to specific plants in flower beds and hillsides. The Spike saves time and money with its self-piercing capability and the dual function of delivering water thru a spike 5″ in the ground and holding your drip line in place at the same time. (March 2023) Also comes with an adapter to enable use in potted plants and other locations.

Root Quencher Blade A deep watering system for lawns. A new design of pipe and fittings that replaces all existing above ground spray heads in lawns. Delivers water and fertilizer* to the root system thru a series of 8′ pipes and fittings. (December 2023)

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Kathryn Emery

SOURCE Root Quencher