Invictus Foundation Announces Its Commitment to Swiftwater SPC’s Seed to Sustainability™ For Veterans’ Centers of Excellence

SEATTLE, Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Invictus Foundation announced today it has committed to form an alliance with Swiftwater SPC, Inc. to build the Foundation’s first Center of Excellence to bring world-class treatment to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries. 

“The Invictus Foundation is committed to implementing Swiftwater’s Seed to Sustainability model which creates a circular economy benefit to the Invictus Foundation and the veterans it serves.  From education and training programs in regenerative farming and hemp as a climate-smart commodity to construction of the first Center of Excellence and veteran housing using industrial hemp that is pest, mold and fire resistant, while providing the Invictus Foundation with the opportunity to take an active role in removing CO2 from the atmosphere,” said Peter Whalen, Founder and CEO of the Foundation.  Whalen added, “Using Swiftwater’s patent-pending autonomous climate technology ecosystem (ACTE), the Foundation will be able to economically benefit for the next 100 years from the uniform carbon credit certificates generated as a result of the CO2 sequestered in the buildings and homes as part of the Foundation’s Centers of Excellence.”

Lynn Brewer, COO and President of Swiftwater SPC said: “We are honored to partner with the Invictus Foundation in the building of its Centers of Excellence using sustainable building materials derived from industrial hemp grown right here in Washington state, in the Kittitas Valley.  Our circular ESG economic model is designed around the fundamental value proposition that from the seeds of industrial hemp to the CO2e sequestered in the building materials derived from the hemp, sustainability of the planet is possible,” said Brewer. “For the first time, through our wholistic approach to ESG, anyone seeking to participate in the climate economy can do so throughout the entire value chain from seed (cultivation) to sustainability (carbon removal), whether they cultivate hemp or build with hemp-derived building products,” Brewer added.  “The Invictus Foundation’s commitment to Swiftwater’s social purpose and building its Center of Excellence will lend itself to solving the environmental problems we face.  And through our patent-pending autonomous climate technology ecosystem, uniform carbon credit certificates will be generated based upon the carbon removed from the atmosphere and sequestered in the hemp-derived building materials used to construct the Invictus Foundation’s Centers of Excellence—providing the Invictus Foundation to derive economic benefit for at least 100 years.  With over a 587% increase in the selling price of carbon offset credits since 2018, the Invictus Foundation’s seed to sustainability commitment will provide relief both for the planet as well as the veterans it serves,” Brewer said.

ABOUT THE INVICTUS FOUNDATION: Founded in 2010, the Invictus Foundation is a charitable, registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to heal the invisible wounds of war.  Its mission is to provide a full range of behavioral health programs. To learn more about the Invictus Foundation go to  For more information contact Peter J. Whalen, CEO of the Invictus Foundation by email at or by phone at 206-799-4089

ABOUT SWIFTWATER SPC:  Swiftwater SPC is a woman-owned social purpose corporation based in Kittitas, Washington focused on Seed to Sustainability™ from cultivation of industrial hemp to manufacturing sustainable building materials to generating tradable uniform carbon credits using its patent-pending autonomous climate technology ecosystem.  For more information contact Misha Jammal, CMO of Swiftwater SPC by email at or by phone at 206-747-8553.

SOURCE Invictus Foundation