Join the Martian Farms Mission to Feed the World

 Vertical-farming technology is changing traditional farming as we know it

TORONTO, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Why would Martian Farms land in Orange, N.J.?

Easy answer: To help feed the world.

The next question is: Do you want to join our mission?

With our proprietary technology originally intended for use in outer space (on space stations), we are turning farming upside down using up to 99% less land and 98% less water than traditional methods. And we are doing it with a vertical-farming, LED-light technology that has blockchain traceability; and, according to available information, 73% improved productivity; and 80% less labor than other vertical farms. These results are based on 26 years of research and testing by the company under the guidance of – dare we say – some of the best scientists who have done similar work for NASA, ESA (European Space Agency) and the CSA (Canadian Space Agency).

A key component of this mission is to find people to join our community as like-minded supporters who want to bring nutritious, organic produce to every corner of the Earth – including urban areas that are traditionally scarce in natural resources. We have launched a new website,, including informative updates to highlight progress and innovation, and a call to action to help us stay connected. Soon to come is Martian merchandise so we can spot members of our community in an intergalactic crowd.

"People say it takes a village to have a positive impact. Just imagine for a minute what you could do with a whole planet. We believe that Martian Farms is at the intersection of best-in-class technology and real humanity," said Amin Jadavji, co-founder and chief executive officer. (You can call him our fearless leader.)

He added: "In our humble opinion, there’s no one else out there actively using technology to the best of its capability to help feed the world. We believe we have the solution to feed the masses."

Martian Farms broke ground on our first U.S. facility in February. The expectation is for our first crops of leafy lettuce in New Jersey to be harvested in the second half of this year.

"Our primary goal is to cultivate a community to support an other-worldly approach to bring scalable, affordable and sustainable nutrition to everyone," Jadavji said. "If it takes a technology intended for Mars or the Moon or beyond to feed the Earth, we’re here for it."

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Martian Farms is using its space-age technology to change farming as we know it on Earth. We grow locally, sustainable, zero-pesticide greens that are blockchain tracked from seed to sale in proprietary, closed-loop, state-of-the-art vertical farming facilities that use up to 99% less land and water than traditional farming. Join our mission at

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