JTEC Energy Demonstrates Working Models

ATLANTA, Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — JTEC Energy, Inc. announced that it has developed working models of the Johnson Thermo-Electrochemical Converter, an invention that turns waste heat directly into electricity.

"This is a great milestone for our team," said founder and inventor Dr. Lonnie Johnson. "It’s gratifying to see the vision I have had for the last twenty years become a reality. We have built two demonstration models from two different materials, both focused on harnessing waste heat at temperatures below 200°C. At the same time, we are quickly advancing the technology with ceramic membranes for higher temperature heat sources."

"The JTEC is groundbreaking technology, and its applications are wide-ranging," said CEO Mike McQuary (McQ). "We have been approached by aerospace, oil and gas, and waste processing companies for pilot projects. Our first priority was building demonstration units that work in a reliable, repeatable, and robust way to prove the science, and we have accomplished that objective. Now it is time to show the world what we are doing, and customize the devices for an initial suite of applications."

JTEC Energy has posted a 5-minute video describing how the device works on the JTEC Energy YouTube channel. "This could be the key to solving the planet’s energy needs for the next century," says McQuary. "We want everyone to understand the importance of the JTEC, and our video explains the technology in layman’s terms. For those in the scientific community, we have shared a deeper technical dive on our website at www.jtecenergy.com."

About JTEC Energy
Former NASA scientist and Super Soaker inventor Dr. Lonnie Johnson invented the Johnson Thermo-Electrochemical Converter (JTEC), a cleantech energy device that transforms heat into energy more efficiently than any device operating today. Led by CEO Mike McQuary, JTEC Energy was spun off in 2020 from Johnson Research & Development to fully develop and commercialize the JTEC device. With over 45 patents, JTEC is applicable for both power generation and refrigeration. View a video about the company at https://youtu.be/m_I0-a44pco. For more information about JTEC Energy, visit the company website at JTECEnergy.com.

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