Just In Time for Spring… Seal Genie® by Light Year Research Labs Promotes an End to Leaking Garden Hose Connections!

Made in USA product is the answer to a widespread, worldwide problem.

RAPID CITY, S.D., March 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With the arrival of spring, people are getting their garden beds, tools and hoses ready for another season. Looks of determination and joy quickly fade however, when they look at their garden hose connections that have leaked year after year. Light Year Research Labs saw the frustration consumers were facing and created the ultimate garden hose washer to stop those leaks once and for all. According to Ralph Machesky, founder of Light Year Research Labs, the Seal Genie® is the world’s only multi-patented hose washer designed to last a lifetime and not leak!

People flock to hardware stores and garden centers every spring to purchase plants and gardening supplies, but buying and replacing hose washers every season is a ritual that most people would love to quit. The common hose washer is the weak link in the water delivery chain as they are made of materials that dry up, crack, rot or split… ultimately leaking. The Seal Genie hose washers address these problems and more with a perfect combination of design and materials that even NASA would be envious of. So…what makes them special? The multi-patented design is indeed unique and effective as the edges of the seal “expand into the threads of a connection, sealing it in ALL directions.” Made from FDA food grade silicone, they can operate in temperatures of -65 below zero to 400 degrees above. The innovative design also prevents them from falling out of your hose as you drag it around the yard… another common problem now conquered by the Seal Genie.

“I saw people buying all those hose washers year after year and realized they all had two things in common; they ALL leaked and lasted a very short time—ultimately ending up in landfills. Being an inventor, that was one challenge I could not turn away from or ignore,” said Machesky. Light Year Research Labs states they are also going to be making Seal Genie® seals for Fire Fighters, agricultural discharge hoses and possibly all U.S. Navy ships and subs. “This really is an ‘Emperor has no clothes’ scenario… we know that your garden hose leaks, everybody knows this!” laughed Machesky.

Light Year Research states that the Seal Genie is available on their website as well as Walmart online, Amazon, some ACE hardware stores with other store locations being added soon. Interested retailers can reach out to see about getting it on their shelf.

Light Year Research Labs is a small USA based business that identifies problems that we all face day to day and creates innovative solutions that are overlooked by others. Besides their award winning Seal Genie product, they are also developing innovative solutions in composite materials, air conditioning and a myriad of other topics.


Ralph Machesky -Founder
Light Year Research Labs



SOURCE Light Year Research Labs