Justice Party Announces Renewed, Aggressive Plan to Become Majority Party

SALT LAKE CITY, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Justice Party (www.justiceparty.us), has announced its new plan to vigorously recruit supporters, generate the formation of state parties, and become a “big tent,” diverse majority national party to effectively challenge the money-corrupted duopoly of the Republican and Democratic parties.

In 2011, the Justice Party nominated Rocky Anderson, a civil rights lawyer, former Mayor of Salt Lake City (2000–2008), and 1996 Democratic Congressional candidate (www.rockyanderson.org), as the Party’s 2012 presidential nominee. Award-winning writer and activist Luis Rodriguez (www.luisjrodriguez.com) was the Party’s Vice-Presidential nominee. (Media coverage of the 2012 race is at https://rockyanderson.org/campaigns/2012-president/.)

The major goals of the 2012 campaign were to advocate for and raise awareness about positions ignored by the duopolist parties and to contribute toward a long-term movement for economic, social, and environmental justice. Those goals included eliminating the corrupting influence of money in our political system, fiscal responsibility, climate protection, and eradicating systemic racism.

The Justice Party plans to grow into a diverse majority political party, drawing independent voters, dissatisfied present and former members of the Republican and Democratic parties, and members of third parties that consistently fail to garner meaningful electoral support.

Most of the Justice Party’s positions are supported by the majority of people in the United States, while the positions and policies of the duopolist Republican and Democratic parties primarily serve the interests of their funders. See https://rockyanderson.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/PressPacket_08_13_12_ Final.pdf (pages 15–19).

Rodriguez noted that “Justice Party members are not expected to agree on every issue, but can, together, effectively challenge the dominance of the duopolist parties that have failed our nation and its people in many crucial areas for far too long.”   

The Justice Party will not be a “spoiler” party. In a contest like the Trump/Biden or Bush/Gore races, if it is apparent the Justice Party will not prevail in the election, it will engage in a “safe states” strategy, withdrawing from “battleground states” (i.e., states where the result of an election is uncertain), where it might draw votes away from the significantly better of the major party candidates. In such cases, the Justice Party will continue to vigorously run in “safe states” where the result is substantially certain, to build the Party long-term and to aggressively advocate for justice-promoting measures.

Anderson stated: “The Republican Party is being torn to shreds by Trump and his enablers and the Democratic Party is losing members in droves because of its obeisance to the medical-insurance-pharmaceutical complex, its past support of unjust and illegal wars, its failure to adopt a universal health care system supported by the majority of U.S. voters, and its failure to meaningfully address the growing, obscene disparity in wealth throughout the U.S.”

The Justice Party is supportive of certain measures of the Biden administration, but the need for a new, diverse, principled majority party not controlled by wealthy donors is greater than ever.

Contact: Rocky Anderson
Direct: (801)349-1690

SOURCE Justice Party

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