KK Strategies Launches New Agricultural Project in Thailand

BANGKOK, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — KK Strategies is excited to announce the launch of its new agricultural project based in the province of Phetchaburi in Thailand near Hua Hin. The project comprises of a mixture of different products with varying harvest time frames in order to maximize the projects yield generation. KK Strategies have kept specific details on the mixture of products confidential, but did confirm that durian, pineapples and kynam will be included at varying degrees amongst others products.

KK Strategies revealed its multi asset strategic approach which includes short, medium and long term products is aimed at consistently producing monthly income throughout the life of the project, beginning as early as the first 6 months. This is in contrast to traditional agricultural projects which tend to generate no income for the first couple of years and at best only produce income once a year.

Thailand was undoubtedly the most ideal location for our project. It is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of agricultural and forestry products, enjoys advantageous trade agreements and has extremely established processing and distribution networks. Additionally, some of the products within the projects portfolio due Thailand’s specific policies are incapable of being grown profitably elsewhere.

Thailand is blessed with vast amounts of fertile soil, favourable weather and hardworking experienced farmers. The agriculture and forestry sector is one of its most important economic sectors, employing approximately 30% of the country’s labour force. The agriculture sector in Thailand, including forestry and fishing contributes over 35 USD billion annually to GDP.

On a product level Thailand is ranked the worlds:

  • 1st largest exporter of aquilaria products
  • 1st largest exporter of fruits to China
  • 1st largest producer of durian and largest exporter
  • 1st largest producer and exporter of rubber
  • 3rd largest producer and exporter of sugar
  • 3rd largest exporter of coconuts
  • 6th largest producer and 2nd largest exporter of rice
  • 6th largest producer of pineapples and largest producer of canned pineapples

About KK Strategies (Thailand)
KK Strategies grows, manages and invests in some of the world’s most rare, niche and valuable agricultural and forestry projects. Our multi asset strategy generates consistent attractive returns, while also helping develop solutions that solve global food, climate and biodiversity challenges. KK Strategies supply’s produce of the highest quality for use by companies worldwide.


SOURCE KK Strategies