Launch of Renewables.Digital: Open-Access Renewable Energy Portal from Munich-Based Company Builder

MUNICH, April 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áToday, the Munich-based company builder Isar Digital Ventures GmbH announces the launch of the open-access renewable energy platform Renewables.Digital. The portal will serve as a leading directory for renewable energy investors, developers, startups, projects as well as service and technology companies, thereby creating transparency in global renewable energy markets.

By creating a transparent and open-access renewable energy platform, Renewables.Digital intends to advance business and investment in the green energy industry. For instance, renewable energy developers that intend to sell a solar park will find more than hundred relevant investors on the platform who recently purchased renewable assets. Also, new startups, investors and developers get the opportunity to introduce themselves to interested readers and possible candidates and to boost their business. The ultimate goal of Renewables.Digital is to support the transition to a world with more green energy and less greenhouse gasses. Tamina Schneider, head of business development, comments on the release: “We are more than happy to make our contribution to fighting climate change by connecting capital, business and talent with the most exciting firms from the industry through Renewables.Digital.”

So far, more than two hundred renewable energy investors and developers are listed on the platform. For many entries, a detailed description is available on the portal in addition to contact details. Also, many renewable energy projects are listed on the platform. In the upcoming weeks, many renewable energy startups are invited to be listed on the portal. The initial focus of the portal are European investors and companies, but the long-term goal is a global coverage. Investors, developers and startups from all over the world are invited to add their entry to’s open-access database. Furthermore,’s experienced research team is screening deals and funding rounds in the renewable energy industry on a weekly basis through sophisticated crawler technologies.

About Renewables.Digital
Renewables.Digital is the leading open-access directory for investors, developers, startups and other major players from the renewable energy industry. By connecting relevant stakeholders and creating transparency, the portal intends to boost investment and business in the world’s green energy industry.

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Renewables.Digital (Isar Digital Ventures GmbH)
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