Lotus Nutrients Wins Best Cannabis Nutrients Award From High Times

SANTA ROSA, Calif., July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —┬áThe cannabis culture magazine, High Times, named Lotus Nutrients Bloom formula "Best Flavor Enhancer" in the "Best Of" issue, putting it in their elite class of best cannabis nutrients. For decades, High Times has produced the Best of/Gear of the Year Awards for best-in-class companies offering products or services related to every major category of the industry from cultivation equipment and supplies, to consumption devices and other paraphernalia.

After developing Gorilla Grow Tent (7x Winner Gear of the Year Award), and Kind LED Grow Lights (4x Winner Gear of the Year Award), Grow Strong Industries set out to innovate the cannabis nutrient industry. Lotus Nutrients was designed to simplify the complicated professional cannabis nutrients regimens that pervade the industry. Lotus Nutrients manufactures and sells a 3-part cannabis plant nutrient formula that replaces other 9- to 12-part nutrient systems.

Nicholas Schweitzer, cannabis grower and co-founder/COO of Lotus Nutrients/Grow Strong Industries, said of the product, "I’m thrilled we were recognized for innovating the best cannabis nutrients. Bloom is the culmination of our years of research, development, and testing to develop the perfect flower feeding regimen. By incorporating only quality, naturally derived source ingredients and providing plants with everything they need to optimize their flower cycle, Lotus Bloom amplifies the development of trichomes and resins, creating heavy and potent final harvests with tremendous flavor profiles."

CEO and co-founder, Rory Kagan, says of the award, "High Times is a cornerstone of 420 culture. Lotus Nutrients was innovated with purpose in mind, as are all our brands. We were compelled to fight back against the comically complex and unnecessarily expensive nutrient programs that have long overrun the industry. When we brought Lotus to market, we knew we had developed the best cannabis nutrients, but it is quite an honor to have our beloved nutrient program recognized by such a long-standing and prominent industry organization."

Lotus is a premium, powdered nutrient blend developed as an answer to growers’ top complaints about plant nutrients, which are that they tend to be difficult to use, expensive, and messy. The California-based company also offers lifetime grow support to their customers to ensure successful use of their products.

In just a few years Lotus has generated a loyal, brand-dedicated customer base evidenced by the number of reviews and high ranking on Trustpilot, as well as the activity their brand garners on social media mostly found under #LotusNutrients. Company Produced Video Clip featuring reviews on Trustpilot (https://youtu.be/zY-6v0m5JyM)

About the Company: Lotus Nutrients is owned and managed by Grow Strong Industries, Inc. Based in Northern California’s cultivation mecca, their portfolio of premium indoor gardening equipment brands include Gorilla Grow Tent, Kind LED Grow Lights, and SuperCloset. The Company was founded on the belief that growing plant medicine is a human right.

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