Manna Pro® Reveals New Farmhouse Favorites™ Treats for Mini Pigs, Pygmy Goats, Mini Cattle, Mini Donkeys, and Mini Horses Now Available at Tractor Supply

The new Farmhouse Favorites treat portfolio is formulated with nutritious delicious premium natural ingredients to support barnyard “littles” health and well-being

ST. LOUIS, Sept. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —  Manna Pro®, a division of Compana Pet Brands, a global leader in pet care and nutrition dedicated to enriching the lives of pets and their families, announces the launch of Farmhouse Favorites™ portfolio of treats for mini pigs, pygmy goats, mini cattle, mini donkeys, and mini horses now available at Tractor Supply online and in stores.

“Manna Pro created the Farmhouse Favorites treat line as a way for owners to reward, entertain, and treat their mini sized barnyard animal families with nutritious snacks specially formulated for the nutritional needs of minis,” shared Lucas Stock, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications, Manna Pro. “The treats are made with all natural premium ingredients giving peace of mind the treats support animals’ optimal health and well-being.”

The entire Farmhouse Favorites treat line is crafted with ingredients sourced from North American environmentally conscious farmers.

Farmhouse Favorites Mini Pig Treats

Farmhouse Favorites Mini Pig Treats are a premium baked peanut butter flavored snack infused with tasty oats and nutritionally formulated specifically for mini pigs.

Farmhouse Favorites Treats for Pygmy Goats and Mini Cattle

Farmhouse Favorites Mini Goat and Mini Cattle premium baked treats are crafted with a hand mixed tasty molasses and alfalfa recipe sure to delight the pickiest palate.

Farmhouse Favorites Treats for Mini Horses and Mini Donkeys

Farmhouse Favorites Mini Horse and Mini Donkey Treats are baked with tasty oats and apple banana flavor specifically formulated mini horse and mini donkey nutritional needs.

All Farmhouse Favorites Treat varieties are packed in convenient resealable 3 lb bags and are available now at Tractor Supply’s online and brick and mortar stores near you.

Enjoy a coupon for $2 off the purchase of any Farmhouse Favorites Mini Treats.

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