Massive Inventory of Line Pipe Now Available From Tiger Group and P.I.T. Pipe

NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — More than 500,000 feet of 30-inch, X70, coated line pipe is now available for immediate purchase from Tiger Group and P.I.T. Pipe.

The never-used, top-quality inventory, stored at an industrial yard in Albany, New York, is available due to the cancellation of the Constitution Pipeline project. The line pipe is well-suited for a range of uses, such as pipe pilings for bridges, buildings, transmission towers and moorings, or as part of culverts, gas transmission or water pipelines, said Chad Farrell, Managing Director, Tiger Commercial & Industrial.

“All of this line pipe is double-submerged and arc-welded, with material test reports available for every foot,” he said. “This sale presents a unique opportunity for commercial buyers looking to leverage the secondary marketplace to purchase line pipe manufactured by top-quality U.S. mills.”

The line pipe on offer includes:

  • 332,000 feet of 30-inch, X70, 0.529 wall;
  • 177,000 feet of 30-inch, X70, 0.562 wall; and
  • 1,700 feet of 30-inch, X70, 0.750 wall.

It has been several years since a comparable amount of unused, 30-inch line pipe has come on the market, Farrell noted, and because all of the inventory was domestically produced, it meets the federal Buy America requirements as well as those that are often in place for city, county or state contracts.

The sale partners have an on-site crew and front-end loader available to load the pipe onto buyers’ trucks. Cutting and welding is also offered for dead lengths if needed. The yard where the material is stored includes an active rail spur and is also paved, which allows loadout even under wet conditions.

For more information, contact Chad Farrell at

Detailed specifications are available at:

Media Contacts: At Tiger Commercial & Industrial: Chad Farrell at (832) 721-3937,
, (908) 789-0700.

SOURCE Tiger Group

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