Mediavine Announces Partnership with 51toCarbonZero (51-0)

Partnership Will Support Ad Management Firm in Establishing its Carbon Footprint

NEW YORK, April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Mediavine, the largest exclusive full-service ad management firm in the U.S., today announced a partnership with Climate Success platform 51toCarbonZero (51-0) to help companies determine their carbon footprint. 51toCarbonZero helps companies measure, communicate, and improve their carbon footprint to achieve net zero.

As part of this partnership, Mediavine’s Social Impact Team will work closely with 51toCarbonZero to implement sustainable strategies throughout its internal and external operations. The process will begin with 51toCarbonZero’s measurement platform which will allow Mediavine to quantitatively measure its corporate emissions resulting from business activities such as server usage, employee travel and events. The platform will also recommend strategies for decarbonization, along with a set of tools to monitor progress, supporting Mediavine in its goals to reach net-zero certification.

“We are thrilled to join forces with 51toCarbonZero in our commitment to sustainability at Mediavine,” said Amber Bracegirdle, Co-Founder and Chief Brand & Social Impact Officer. “The digital industry is responsible for a notable portion of global emissions, and we must begin to take responsibility for the climate impact of media channels. Our partnership with 51-0 is merely a first step in our path to measuring, verifying, and reducing the energy consumption of our digital supply paths, to accelerate our efforts towards carbon neutrality and beyond.”

Through this collaboration, Mediavine and 51toCarbonZero will also explore opportunities to raise awareness about sustainability opportunities within the ad tech ecosystem. The ad tech industry has achieved significant momentum in the past two years to adopt measurement and disclosure standards, driven by the desire to create shared incentives between media campaign goals and carbon climate goals. By conducting a thorough assessment of its corporate carbon footprint, Mediavine will gain the necessary data to evaluate the energy usage of its tech stack, revealing areas where the greatest opportunities for reduction lie while maintaining performance.

“We are excited to partner with Mediavine to drive positive change in the ad tech industry,” said Richard Davis, CEO and Co-Founder at 51toCarbonZero. “Mediavine plays an important role in the media ecosystem, touching the lives of millions of users. By bringing our net-zero platform solution to Mediavine, we want to unlock the imagination of audiences and creators to achieve net-zero for generations to come.”

“It’s great to see Mediavine partnering with 51toCarbonZero to drive their carbon measurement and reduction efforts,” said Jean-Marc Papin, SVP Media Technology & Sustainability at Horizon Media. “Mediavine amplifying the importance of these initiatives to their growing list of media partners will only further expedite adoption across the media ecosystem.”

Mediavine has already established itself as an industry leader by implementing best practices such as lazy loading, outstream video and limiting multi-hop reselling. These strategies prioritize data efficiency and performance lift while also lending themselves to organic sustainable efforts.

Bringing the industry forward will continue to require A/B testing and data-driven decision-making industry-wide, to establish benchmarks of performance expectations and disclosure standards. 51-0’s reporting platform will be a foundational part of Mediavine’s commitment to minimizing emissions while preserving publisher results and meeting advertiser goals.

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About 51toCarbonZero

51toCarbonZero (51-0) is the first global Climate Success platform, designed to help companies not only measure, analyze & report their carbon footprint, but also create accountable transition plans to accelerate their journey to achieve net zero. Media, Marketing and Advertising companies that work with the 51-0 platform gather a view of their footprint in weeks, not months, and can quickly set and deliver a net-zero strategy to gain competitive advantage. 51toCarbonZero is a member of AdNetZero and a founding member for the global Carbon Accounting Alliance, where 51-0 co-chairs the  ‘advertising emissions’ working group. 51toCarbonZero is also an active member of the WFA/GARM working group defining the global framework for media emissions. 

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) or 51-0’s North America GM David Murnick (

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