Microvi’s Commercial Plant Brings Millions of Gallons of Clean Water to Arizona

HAYWARD, Calif., May 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Microvi and the City of Goodyear unveil Arizona’s first groundwater biological nitrate treatment system. With climate change creating uncertainty in future water supplies and population changes leading to ever-increasing demands, the future of drinking water resources will continue to be a challenge for water managers. Goodyear has reduced risk by implementing Microvi’s commercial groundwater treatment system – their investment ensures Goodyear continues to meet the water needs of their residents.

The City of Goodyear is a leader in the adoption of new technology, seeking innovative solutions for their residents. The selection of Microvi’s modular and scalable MNE™ technology and bioreactor provides proven performance for the treatment of nitrate in groundwater. “Goodyear’s new biological treatment system helps meet the water quality goals of our growing city,” said Goodyear Water Services Director Barbara Chappell. “The system has been easy to implement and has provided a cost-effective solution for our customers.”

At the Goodyear facility, Microvi’s commercial plant can clean millions of gallons of water within a small footprint with no secondary waste stream like ion exchange. Construction of the plant was done by Felix – a full-service contractor focused on water and wastewater projects in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. “We were thrilled to have played a role in the historic delivery and installation of a Microvi system in Arizona,” said, Archie Lopez, President of Felix Construction. “We take pride in our unwavering commitment to building new and innovative projects that serve our community’s needs.”

Operation began in the Fall of 2022 and since full-scale operation commenced, the Microvi MNE™ treatment plant has consistently treated the nitrate in groundwater to a concentration below 3 mg/L, exceeding drinking water quality standards.

“For the last decade, Microvi has focused on bringing real solutions for massive water issues around the globe. Nitrate pollution in water is linked to major health problems including cancer. We could not be prouder to offer solutions that positively impact the lives of people and the environment,” said Dr. Fatemeh Shirazi, CEO of Microvi. “Microvi’s commercial product has now been implemented both in California and Arizona. We are excited by the adoption of our technology, as it is bringing new solutions to the water industry.”

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