Musang King Durian Store Launched by Agroforestry Group

HONG KONG, June 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Agroforestry Group (AFG) announced today that its Musang King durian online retail store has officially opened. The store is operated by its subsidiary company, MK Durian Harvests Sdn Bhd whose offices are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The digital store has six bespoke Musang King durian products, all created by local dessert-based artisans; ice cream, mochis, chocolate, chocolate covered bonbons and cakes. Currently products are available for delivery within the Klang Valley region of Malaysia. Distribution across Malaysia and to international markets will be operational once Covid-19 movement restrictions are lifted.

"Agroforestry Group has been investing a lot of resources into product creation and distribution since the COVID pandemic began. We are constantly looking for new avenues of growth and expect our Musang King durian products to elevate Malaysia as a brand internationally," said Mr. Paul Martin, Agroforestry Group’s MD.

Mr. Paul Martin added that Malaysia is well known for producing the best tasting durians in the world but lags Thailand in branding and export volumes. For example, China currently imports over 95% of their durians from Thailand due to insufficient Malaysian supply, despite Chinese consumers willing to pay significantly more for Musang King type products. 

Agroforestry Group (AFG)

Established in 2015, the Agroforestry Group of companies specialise in the establishment and commercial operation of durian and agarwood plantations and their downstream product development, distribution and sales.

As an asset class, agriculture and forestry has expanded rapidly over the last decade due to interest from risk-averse private investors attracted by the green credentials of the industry and the long-term high returns of agroforestry. 

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