Napa Winemaker JL WOOD Targets Current and Past Chardonnay Drinkers

Puts Focus on Distinctive Flavor Profiles, Quality, and Sustainability

OAKVILLE, Calif., June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — JL WOOD, a small, family-owned winery, has entered the U.S. wine market as a specialist in Chardonnay, with a focus on crafting distinctive ready-to-drink luxury wine.

Starting June 12, 2022, JL WOOD will be shipping three Chardonnay wines. All wines are made from grapes grown on a single estate, the JL Wood Ranch in the acclaimed Monterey region of central California. All the wines are fully fermented with no added sugar or flavor clipping malolactic fermentation. They were made under the supervision of Edward Filice. Ed has been making award winning wine in the major wine districts of California for over 40 years.

Nouveau Chardonnay, Arroyo Seco 2021 is a modern take on Chardonnay. Fresh and novel, the wine presents amazing tropical and citrus fruit flavors balanced with refreshing crispness. The wine spent no time on oak and was bottled early to capture fruit esters. Ideal with charcuterie, cheese, fruit, and rich or spicy dishes.

Premier Chardonnay, Arroyo Seco 2021 is sophisticated, smooth, and nuanced with a long signature finish. A delicious expression of balanced fruit and freshness with palate pleasing vanillin, spice and toasted oak background notes. Versatile in all circumstances.

No-oak Chardonnay, Arroyo Seco 2021 is an uncluttered and clear expression of fruit and balanced acidity with a signature long finish. Its complexity is in its simplicity. Pairs well with spicy dishes, cheese, meats, fish, and luscious desserts.

Paul Morrison, JL WOOD Managing Director, summarizes the value proposition: "We are proud to offer luxury Chardonnay wines that are affordably within reach. Chardonnay is an amazing grape and we want our consumers to be wowed by their experience."

"Our objective is to boldly craft interesting wine that will redefine what is thought about Chardonnay and re-capture consumers that have drifted to other white varietals. Intensity of fruit, freshness, minimal processing and pairing versatility are key winemaking priorities."

"We won’t dissipate our focus by making a long list of wines or different varietals. What we offer the modern upscale consumer is the result of intense specialization on creating a delicious range of Chardonnay flavor profiles."

"And, importantly, we focus on just the wine — we don’t operate destination venues, restaurants, or resorts."

Paul continues: "We are also very attentive to our consumer’s focus on the environment. Having farmed the same land for over 100 years, we think about sustainability and our carbon footprint in everything we do. We plan the "health" of our vineyards over multi-year periods, work smart to minimize energy usage, use internet connected crop sensors, drip irrigate all vines, and use nature itself, such as cover crops and pest hunting owls to minimize inputs. We use lightweight bottles to reduce the carbon intensity of shipping. Both our vineyard and winery operations are sustainably certified."

All wines will be available through selected distributors, retailers, and restaurants.

Consumers will be able to order wines for direct home delivery through in states such as California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, DC, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Michigan. The website includes a blog, Inside Modern Wine, and a gallery of photos of our vineyard and winery operations.

Media Contact:
Paul Morrison, Managing Director
(980) 621-9332