National Storage Tank Announces the Expansion of their Stainless Steel Fabrication Facilities to Meet Increased Demand From Wineries, Vineyards and Food Processors

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Water Storage Tank provider National Storage Tank, Inc. announced today the expansion of their Stainless Steel fabrication capabilities to accommodate a large and increasing demand for food grade Stainless Steel tanks. Even in the middle of a pandemic we have seen our food grade tank divisions overwhelmed by increased demand from processors, growers and manufacturers that require the best stainless steel tank available, stated Nicole Oblad the CEO of National Storage Tank. 

Stainless Steel is the preferred choice for any Winery, Brewery, Vineyard or Dairy operation in the country. The unique properties of Stainless Steel are ideal for any operation that needs to meet the strict regulatory requirement of the FDA to produce a product going into any consumer channel.

NST has always been a premier provider for the wine and brewery industries with irrigation tanks and fire protection tanks up to 6-million gallons. We are thrilled to see these client operations thriving in this most difficult economic setting and are pleased with the trust they have placed in us to expand our offerings to match their operational needs, stated Oblad.

Expansion of the fire protection tank divisions – Oblad also noted that with the devastating wildfires burning around the country the bolted steel tank divisions of the company are also working overtime to meet demand in what appears to be an annual event now. Nobody can predict a wildfire but 4-years straight of these recurring wildfire events suggest everyone should be prepared, stated Eileen Harlin, the Vice President of Sales and continuing, “Our prayers go out to anyone in the path of numerous wildfires burning around the country and especially to our clients who we are in contact with and prepared to assist in any way we are able.”

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