Natracare Launches “Green Your Life. PERIOD.” Campaign on World Environment Day—June 5, 2024

Initiative focuses on “Be Kind to Your Body and Planet” by pledging a greener lifestyle

CHICAGO, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In honor of World Environment Day on June 5th, Natracare, the pioneering brand in organic and natural period care, is kicking off its “Green your life. PERIOD.” campaign. Building on its already successful Project #BeKind pledge—where signees devote 30 days to kinder choices for their body and the planet—”Green your life” is Natracare’s call for continued individual advocacy year-round.

“We had so many people sign up to take our #BeKind pledge that it inspired us to give a greater call to action, one that has us all committed to activism in our daily lives throughout the year,” explained Natracare founder Susie Hewson.

The campaign emphasizes the personal, environmental and financial benefits of choosing a green lifestyle. By taking Natracare’s #BeKind Challenge to “Green Your Life. PERIOD.,” consumers can start to take action toward creating a more sustainable lifestyle.

For over 30 years, Natracare has led in period care by using only organic and natural materials from sustainable sources. Their products eliminate oil-based plastics, reducing a woman’s period-related waste from 300 pounds to zero. Unlike other products containing plastics, which will break down into microplastics over hundreds of years, Natracare products are validated and certified compostable.

Key statistics from 5 Gyres highlight the urgent need for change:

  • 1.7 trillion pieces of microplastics are floating in our global oceans.
  • 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons enter the environment as waste each year in the U.S.

“We invite everyone to take the pledge and join the movement,” Hewson added. “Adopt a more natural positive lifestyle that’s better for your body and the planet.”

Consumers can channel their “inner Susie” by stepping up, informing themselves, and taking action in their individual lives in ways that will create change for us all.

An example of ways to reduce your carbon footprint include:

  • Switch to plastic-free period products and be “in the know” on what raw materials and ingredients are in all your personal care products by checking the packaging.
  • Compost if you have space or access to community composting services.
  • Wash clothes at lower temperatures using green laundry products.

Project #BeKind is Natracares foundational company mission to do our part to help our environment. Take the #BeKind pledge and join the movement at Green Your Life. PERIOD.

As the first company in the world to provide plastic-free certified organic cotton tampons and totally chlorine-free period pads and panty liners, Natracare has been campaigning for eco-friendly period choices for more than 30 years. They are the creator of the only compostable period products in the world, offering products that fit every kind of body. Natracare products are available at select retailers in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Founder Susie Hewson created the brand in 1989 in response to the growing risk to human health and the environment from dioxin pollution in the pulping industries due to the chlorine bleaching of paper products. Natracare is all about building a better world, which is why, in 2019, they became the first period care product brand to join 1% for the Planet.

Media Contact:
Dana Swinney

SOURCE Natracare