Nature’s Generator Launches Universal Automatic 125-Amp 24 Space 48-Circuit Transfer Switch For Home Solar Power Integration

Sometimes Power Is Everything!

CAMARILLO, Calif., June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Nature’s Generator announces another industry first — a 125-Amp 24-Space / 48-Circuit Automatic Transfer Switch which is completely universal, meaning it can be used with Nature’s Generators and most other solar generators on the market!  As energy storage solutions (home solar batteries) become more common, this unit is fully solar battery system integration ready. Never be without power again with the Nature’s Generator 125-AMP Automatic Transfer Switch.

“The 125-AMP Automatic Transfer Switch is the newest addition to the Nature’s Generator transfer switch family. What makes this 125 AMP transfer switch so special is that, with a properly sized solar panel and battery system, it will seamlessly kick over to the solar battery system if there is any loss of grid power — meaning that you’ll never come home to a fridge full of spoiled food because you were away. Besides that, you can even choose the solar battery system to become your home’s main power source and the grid to become your backup power source. That’s freedom — freedom of power choices on your own terms.” explains Lawrence Zhou, CEO of Nature’s Generator. 

“This unit is easy to integrate to existing home load center and can be used in either 120/240V residential applications or in light commercial 3-phase 120/208V applications. Beyond that the NEMA-3R rated enclosure can be installed indoors or out. Not to overuse the phrase, but this really is a game changer.

Zhou continues, “Nature’s Generator is always looking to make solar power accessible to everyone. Our mission is to help people convert to free, sustainable, renewable energy by providing affordable, reliable, user-friendly energy options. We are proud of this 125-amp universal transfer switch and what it can do.”

With utility companies charging higher time-of-use rates for prime-use hours, this new 125-amp transfer switch empowers homeowners to be the master of their power domain. In addition to avoiding higher time-of-use costs and providing power during outages, this 125-amp Transfer Switch, when combined with a suitably sized solar battery system, has the capacity to provide whole-home off-grid power. You may be connected to the grid, but you won’t have to use it. Can you taste the freedom?

Nature’s Generator’s 125-AMP Automatic Transfer Switch always isolates the solar battery system power from utility power. The transfer switch is designed to be code compliant and certified according to ISO/IEC Guide 17067, Conformity Assessment-Fundamentals of Product Certification, and in accordance with: UL 1008 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 178.1. Although the 125-amp transfer switch is designed for easy installation, a licensed electrician is recommended. Note there’s also an optional semi-flush mount kit that can be purchased separately.

Natures Generator’s Universal 125-amp Automatic Transfer Switch makes going solar and controlling your own power domain that much easier and affordable.

Experience the power of freedom with Nature’s Generator 125-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch. For more information or to make a purchase visit

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Nature’s Generator was founded in California in 2015 with an ambitious mission: combating climate change by designing affordable products to harness the clean free energy of the sun and wind. For over 9 years now, they have been an industry leader in the engineering, development, design, and manufacturing of solar and wind powered generators, wind turbines, solar panels, power transfer switches and accessories.

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