New Book Connects a Bizarre Murder to Energy Efficient Construction

Live Construction Conference Hosts a Fictional Conference Murder Mystery

AURORA, Colo., July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fiction meets fact when building science and air quality expert Paul H. Raymer launches his latest novel, Second Law (Salty Air Publishing) at the Energy Outwest building science conference. The novel combines the science of buildings with a mysterious and gruesome murder.

For the past two years, circumstances have trapped millions of us inside our homes, subjecting us to the toxic soup that makes up the air that we breathe. Unrecognized hazards fill this familiar environment. Mr. Raymer converts these hazards into weapons in his novels.

In the new novel, JON MEGQUIRE, the protagonist of Second Law, returns to Cape Cod in 1984 to attend a conference to widen his knowledge of this growing field of science while seeking his true path in life. But the bizarre murder of his conference roommate interrupts that quest.

According to Mr. Raymer, "In 1984, the science of home construction was undisciplined thinking. People knew how to put roofs, walls, and floors together to keep the weather out. But there was little understanding of the house as a system. The fan in the bathroom was there to get rid of the odors, not to expel indoor air pollutants and viruses. An insulation material, like expandable foam, was in its infancy. Training was limited and the lack of understanding led to house fires and other disasters."

Jon’s search for an understanding of science, love, construction, and the law holds together the disparate elements of Second Law. Once the murder is discovered, pressure builds with the fear of an unidentified murderer, and Jon has only three days to figure it all out.

"Nature is very patient," Raymer says. "It is difficult to control and use as a weapon aimed at a single individual. But our quest for saving energy has created a massive market for energy saving products and a rush to satisfy it. That’s how mistakes get made." Beginning in the late 1970s with the Arab Oil Embargo and the rationing of fuel, a need for a clearer understanding led to conferences on solar energy and building efficiency. Solar energy became the "Energy of the Future." Cape Cod was the perfect environment to attract attendees who could see a lucrative future, enriching themselves on the need.

On Wednesday, August 3rd we will celebrate the introduction of Second Law at a live building conference – the Energy Outwest Conference at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Conference Center, Aurora, CO at 12 noon, and the novel will be available on-line and at fine bookstores.

Second Law: 978-0-9906781-7-5,

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Paul H. Raymer has been working with the science of homes and buildings for over forty years. He researches indoor air quality for the EPA and teaches people how homes work and how they can be made more comfortable, energy efficient, and safe. Paul brings his knowledge and enthusiasm about homes to Second Law, which is his third published novel.

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