New Book Shows Methane Emissions Have No Climate Impact

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, Fla., June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A new scientific study shows that methane’s and nitrous oxide’s potential for global warming and climate change are completely neutralized by earth’s ever-present atmospheric water vapor. This determination is characterized in a new BriefBook: Oooppps! Climate Change Misconceptions, written by experienced energy analyst Edward Rouse Pryor and published by Hanway Hopcott House.

It is true that methane and nitrous oxide are both emitted by cattle—methane mostly from the cow’s legendary three stomachs, and nitrous oxide, to a lesser extent, mostly from bovine waste products. And both methane and nitrous oxide are powerful greenhouse gases—but only when studied in laboratories where they are isolated from other shielding gases and vapors such as water vapor. The author, Edward Rouse Pryor states that, “Based on the elemental science, water vapor overlaps and cancels both methane’s and nitrous oxide’s ability to absorb outgoing heat from the earth—thus nullifying their global warming effect. Accordingly, when looked at ‘in isolation’ methane and nitrous oxide appear to have considerable potential for global warming, but actually these trace gases have virtually no global warming or climate change effect at all—at least on the planet we call earth—which has huge quantities of water vapor in its atmosphere. If one looks at the correct charts, the relevant heat absorption cancelling effect by water vapor in earth’s atmosphere becomes obvious.” 

The book then presents a clear and understandable scientifically peer-reviewed graph showing just how water vapor cancels the methane and nitrous oxide potential for global warming. It goes on to state that unfortunately, many in the peripheral scientific community, and most of the decision-making public as well as the journalistic pundits, economists, and key industrialists, erroneously think increasing atmospheric methane and nitrous oxide can be huge contributors to global warming and climate change when actually they have almost no effect at all.

Because of this widespread fallacious presumption (even among some climate scientists) that methane and nitrous oxide have a significant impact on global temperature, laws and regulations are being proposed (and perhaps recently enacted) to penalize producers and “leakers” of methane and nitrous oxide. This is completely unwarranted and actions to curtail methane and nitrous oxide emissions not only will add unnecessary costs to the world’s energy price structure, but will substantially disrupt the livelihood of dairy farmers and cattle ranchers without having any long-or-short-range impact on global temperature or climate change.

A bright-side of this revelation is that you can now enjoy a hamburger or strip-steak, a glass of milk, or a slice of cheese, stemming from methane-and-nitrous-oxide-emitting cattle without having any impact on climate.

Or if you are in the fossil fuel business, you can leak a small amount of methane from a well, or pipeline, or coal mine, with a climate-clear conscience because the greenhouse effect by trace amounts of methane and nitrous oxide is overridden by the huge quantity of universally prevalent water vapor in the earth’s atmosphere. And thus, there is no influence on global temperature from adding small quantities of these trace greenhouse gases to the earth’s atmosphere.

The analysis described here is more fully characterized in the just-released (2023) BriefBook, Oooppps! Climate Change Misconceptions, written by Edward Rouse Pryor, an experienced engineering and scientific energy analyst, and author of the acclaimed full-length book The Climate Change Illusion, published in 2020.

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