New Cage-Free Eggposé Exposes Major U.S. Companies Still Refusing to Reveal Cage-Free Egg Progress Promised to Customers

They’re simply not sharing! The 2023 Report from The Humane League is calling out Wendy’s, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Chopt, and more for pledging cage-free eggs to customers and withholding their promises

NEW YORK, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Humane League, a global animal welfare nonprofit that exists to end the abuse of animals raised for food, today announces the release of their 2023 Cage-Free Eggposé. This investigative animal welfare report finds that, despite companies pledging to source 100% cage-free eggs from their supply chains in recent years, some are failing to provide adequate information about their egg-sourcing practices. Exposing these companies, the Eggsposé highlights the importance of transparency in the food industry and the responsibility of companies to be accountable for the welfare of animals in their supply chains.

This report exposes the disturbing reality of the food service industry and calls into question the honesty and integrity of the companies involved,” said Kelly Myers, Director of Corporate Engagement, The Humane League. “Intense public pressure to end cruel practices in animal agriculture has led to nearly all major food companies in the United States committing to phasing out battery cages from their supply chains. The companies in our report should be able to report progress publicly.” 

Unwilling to be publicly accountable to their self-imposed deadlines, the following companies perpetuate the cruel use of tiny, filthy cages for egg-laying hens in their supply chains. Every day they delay, more hens risk a lifetime of suffering in confinement.

Companies called out in the Eggposé include:

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)
Omni Hotels and Resorts
Bridor North America
Gourmet Garage
Genuine Foods

Within the past several years, increased consumer concern about the cruel, archaic, caged housing systems for chickens has made cage-free reporting the norm for most companies. More than 400 restaurant chains, retailers, manufacturers, hospitality, and foodservice companies — including the largest egg producer in the U.S. — have responded by making public commitments to eliminate caged eggs from their supply chains, and 34.8% of U.S. eggs come from cage-free flocks. Additionally, ten states are banning the inhumane practice of caging egg-laying hens.

The Humane League calls on all companies publicly pledged to eliminate caged eggs from their supply chains to be transparent by disclosing their progress to consumers and shareholders.

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The Humane League is a global nonprofit that exists to end the abuse of animals raised for food by influencing the policies of the world’s biggest companies, demanding legislation, and empowering others to take action and leave animals off their plates. Since its founding in 2005, The Humane League has focused on effectively ending the worst abuses in factory farming, securing firm animal welfare commitments from major foodservice providers, restaurants, food manufacturers, and hospitality leaders worldwide, changing the lives of billions of farm animals suffering daily.

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