New Free Online Tool Provides Individual Energy Sustainability Scores

ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Jackson Associates announces the availability of a new free online sustainability assessment tool that, for the first time, provides individual household and business energy sustainability scores based on ZIP-level comparisons across the US.

Analysis results are derived from applying the widely-used 7+ million household/business MAISY Residential and Commercial Utility Customer Energy Use Databases in a statistical analysis based on ZIP-detailed data.

The Sustainability Assessment Tool can be freely accessed, with no registration requirement at:

The Tool can also be launched from any organization’s Web site by including a button to initiate analysis performed on Jackson Associates servers. 

The Sustainability Assessment Tool:

  • Is free to individual households and businesses
  • Uses readily available data: an estimate of energy costs and a few household/business details to provide an assessment in about 1 minute
  • Provides a sustainability score (0 – 100), energy costs and emissions based on a comparison with similar residences/buildings in the ZIP code and presents results in tables and charts
  • Shows reductions in energy costs and emissions achieved for different efficiency targets
  • Provides tips to improve sustainability scores and reduce energy costs
  • Works for all continental US residential and commercial buildings

The tool provides a meaningful call-to-action," said Dr. Jerry Jackson, president of Jackson Associates. "For example, a typical household in central Florida with annual electric costs of $3,600 achieves a sustainability score of 48 out of 100. The next step in the evaluation shows that improving its score to match the best 30 % of similar households in the zip code will save $943/year, $4,713 over five years and reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 42%. The best 10% would save $1,580/year, $7,898 over five years and reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 56%. Emissions savings are translated to meaningful units; for example, the 10% efficiency target reduction is presented as emissions savings equivalent to 32,776 vehicle miles driven and carbon savings equivalent to sequestering 13 acres of U.S. forests for one year."

Jackson Associates, developer and publisher of the MAISY Databases, the industry-leading source of utility customer data and market analysis. Clients include the US DOE, DOE energy research Labs, state regulatory agencies, and more than 100 other clients including utilities, solar, auto, and more. See for a partial list of clients. 


Jerry Jackson

SOURCE Jackson Associates