New Jersey’s Single-Use Bag Ban Proves Unsuccessful, According to New Study

NJ-Based Company Saw It Coming and has the Solution

BOUND BROOK, N.J., Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — According to a new study, New Jersey’s bag ban, which was meant to protect the environment, has backfired. Instead, plastic consumption in the Garden State increased by almost three times and now New Jerseyans are left with piles of unused, “reusable” plastic bags. Fortunately, New Jersey based company, PlasTechFree, Inc. foresaw this issue back in 2022 when the single-use bag ban was implemented and created a solution by offering a line of Certified Plant-Based Compostable bags and products.

It is clear that sustainability continues to be a growing concern amongst consumers and that consumers value brand transparency. With greenwashing tactics prevalent and an over-saturation of eco-friendly products in the market, PlasTechFree’s mission transcends mere commerce, promising a true plastic-free alternative that produces rich nutrient soil. Their line features several products, including multi-use and reusable bags, kitchen compost bin bags, diaper disposal and pet waste bags, all of which are now available for purchase on PlasTechFree also produces Plant-Based Compostable bags for the Cannabis industry, the Garment industry and many others.

“We understand the heightened skepticism behind branded ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘biodegradable’ products as greenwashing is so pertinent in today’s market,” says Mark Nathan, CEO, and co-founder of PlasTechFree. “While anything can be biodegradable, it just may take a few hundred-thousand years, not everything is compostable. Our entire line of products is truly compostable and safe for the environment, and we are confident consumers will warmly embrace these new products as they look to support the environment in a real and meaningful manner.”

As states and municipalities increasingly ban multi-use plastic bags, consumers are inundated with an abundance of plastic reusable bags, inadvertently creating a new problem for the future without effectively addressing the primary issue. Consumers want a solution, and PlasTechFree’s products provide everyday products that are high-quality and support sustainability.

Gene Benfatti, President, and co-founder of PlasTechFree, adds, “In a world saturated with misleading ‘plastic-free’ claims and deceiving labels, PlasTechFree is proud to deliver a line of products that consumers can now reasonably and safely use to meet their needs while eliminating the problem associated with plastic.” “Our hope”, he adds, “is that consumers will become more educated about products that truly are 100% plastic-free and select those that solve this increasingly complex and dangerous problem.”

The first five products available for purchase online by PlasTechFree include Multi-Use Bags, Reusable Antimicrobial Bags, Kitchen Counter Compost Bins, Pet Waste Disposal Bags, and Diaper Waste Disposal Bags.

PlasTechFree, Inc. was founded by Nathan and Benfatti, two successful entrepreneurs who understand both today’s market needs and the role of technology in delivering top-quality products that will finally allow consumers to replace plastic-made products with plant-based, compostable products. PlasTechFree further added that they are continuing to roll out additional products.

PlasTechFree products are available for purchase on To learn more about PlasTechFree, Inc. visit our website or follow along on our journey to creating a sustainable future on socials: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

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