Newly Formed AgXelerators Helps Innovators Transform Novel Ideas into Successful Products

Experienced scientists deliver efficient, sustainable, innovative product development and consulting services for biological and chemical crop protection companies.

INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — If you have a novel bio-based or chemical active ingredient, AgXelerators (AgX), is here to turn it into a stable, effective product. Founded by highly accomplished scientists and innovators, AgX partners with crop protection companies from around the world to accelerate the development of their new active ingredients into sustainable, commercially viable products that express their full performance potential. 

Proprietary formulations. From active chemical ingredients to organisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae and microbes, AgX creates proprietary products that are designed to meet clients’ needs and deliver reliable performance, convenience of use and yield enhancement. From initial concept to rapid prototype formulation development, field demonstration, product registration and market introduction, AgX delivers end-to-end support and partnership to its clients.

“We are extremely excited to launch this company to support ag innovators in transforming the landscape of crop protection, plant health and production,” said Mark Zettler, AgXelerators President & Co-Founder. “Many startups, and even seasoned companies, face a common challenge: they can see efficacy of an active agent in the lab or greenhouse but it doesn’t seem to translate to the field or they struggle to build a stable, commercially viable product to take to market, especially with biologicals. We are uniquely positioned to fill this gap and are passionate about doing so.”

Regulatory compliance expertise. The regulatory process ensures that products are safe, have no adverse effects on crops and the environment and that they meet the standards of the countries in which registration is desired. With an intricate knowledge of regulatory requirements, AgX delivers formulations that can confidently be submitted for registration and provides consulting on the regulatory process to ease the path to market introduction.

AgX Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor, Lei Liu states, “Agricultural formulation and regulatory compliance are ever evolving and require continuous creativity to meet grower, market and environmental demands. We use a comprehensive Product Design Analysis involving biology, chemistry, formulation, regulatory, and commercial experts to zero in on successful product development strategies and are adept at identifying and addressing the root causes for potential product failures.”

Best In Class experience. AgX founders, advisors and key stakeholders are comprised of award-winning industry leaders with combined more than100 years of experience in agricultural product development, hundreds of patents, and are responsible for the design of over 200 formulated AgriTech products sold around the world, valued at over $2 billion in annual sales. Self-proclaimed “formulation lifers,” their ingenuity and discoveries have helped innovate various technologies including anti-drift formulations, microencapsulation, and controlled release.

“A good formulation can make the difference between a concept that successfully advances through the development process or not,” said Holger Tank, AgX Senior Director.  “It makes the difference between a product that is well accepted by growers and one that fails.”

About AgXelerators Inc.
AgXelerators (aka AgX) enables innovators of new biological and chemical crop protection, biostimulant, biofertilizer and soil regeneration products to rapidly prototype, test, develop and register their new products for production agriculture. AgX is uniquely qualified to accelerate the development of new, innovative discovery research candidates from around the world into sustainable, commercially viable formulated products. Additionally, AgX leverages their extensive global network of industry connections to foster partnerships that help them succeed.

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