On Global Recycling Day, FloWater Campaign Urges Americans to Start Uncycling

The microplastics and nanoplastics crisis demands a new approach for a sustainable future

DENVER, March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today on Global Recycling Day, FloWater, a Bluewater company, announces a new campaign aimed at single-use plastic consumption: “Uncycling.” The new marketing, public relations and social media campaign calls on Americans to reflect on traditional recycling practices that have been ineffective, embrace a new era of “uncycling“— and move away from plastic altogether. Just 5 percent of the 35.7 million tons of consumer plastic created in the U.S. is recycled into new products while an estimated 33 billion pounds of plastic enter the ocean every year. FloWater is advocating for a paradigm shift to reduce our use of single-use plastic products down to zero.

For decades, major oil and gas companies as well as bottled water companies knowingly deceived the American public about the feasibility of recycling plastics in order to continue profiting from the sale of new plastic products. The blue bin program in most every state? A plastic trade association initiative. The confusing recycling symbols with different numbers on them? Also their idea. Their effort has since been exposed, and now we all have a microplastic and nanoplastic crisis on our hands.

“Unlike plant-based materials, plastic does not disappear,” says Rich “Raz” Razgaitis, CEO and Co-Founder of FloWater. “Plastic photo-degrades into sub-micron-sized nanoplastic particles that infiltrate our organs and arteries, posing severe health risks, as we are seeing now in new research. We unwittingly ingest a credit card’s worth of microplastics and nanoplastics every week. We need real solutions, not cynical suggestions from the oil and gas industry to recycle more. We’re leveraging our new campaign to bring more attention to this crucial issue.”

Alarmed by the surge in single-use plastic water bottles, Razgaitis co-founded FloWater in 2013. Under his leadership, there are now FloWater Refill Stations in over 10,000 schools, offices, gyms, hotels, retailers, and businesses. They remove microplastics, PFAS, glyphosates, lead, and other pollutants. Then the water is enhanced with trace minerals, increased alkalinity, activated oxygen, and a coconut filter provides superior taste. Now a Bluewater company, FloWater has saved over 857 million single-use plastic water bottles from the environment to date and aims to hit one billion bottles saved by the end of the year.

About FloWater, a Bluewater Company
Denver-based FloWater is part of the Bluewater group, a global innovator of water purification and beverage solutions based in Stockholm, Sweden. Recognized as a World Changing Idea by Fast Company, FloWater Refill Stations are used in over 10,000 locations including Hyatt, Google, Red Bull, and Oakland Unified Schools, and have saved over 857 million single-use plastic water bottles from the environment. FloWater is known for its 7-stage Advanced Osmosis purification technology which transforms ordinary tap water into ultra-purified drinking water. This removes up to 99.9% of lead, PFAS, microplastics, glyphosates, and other contaminants while adding oxygenation, increasing alkalinity, and boosting trace minerals for great-tasting, best-in-class hydration.

Bluewater is committed to providing access to pure, healthier tap water and beverages in line with its mission to eliminate the need for single-use plastic water bottles.

More at DrinkFloWater.com and BluewaterGroup.com.

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