Organic Payment Gateways Announces a “Square Payment Processing Alternatives for CBD” Support Program

SCARBOROUGH, Maine, April 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Reacting to increased interest from both retail and e-commerce CBD and hemp businesses, has just announced that it will provide a free, expedited CBD merchant account consultation and placement service for any legal CBD website owner based in the US. Business owners who suddenly find themselves without payment processing due to being shut down by Square, Stripe, or PayPal can reach out for priority placement.

On their CBD, nutritional supplement, and telemedicine-focused payment processing website,, they detail the necessary steps a CBD retail store or website owner must consider if they have had their payment processing declined or suspended and find themselves in a position where they need to make fast decisions to save their cashflow.

Even in 2024, few American payment gateways or merchant account providers are willing to provide CBD business owners with a reliable, affordable way to process credit cards.

Square, which is a very large, highly rated payment services provider, has worked with CBD owners over the years – but many business owners now find themselves no longer able to work with Square for numerous reasons – sometimes due to specific products being against Square’s terms and conditions.

Online message boards and social media accounts are buzzing with desperate retail store and website owners looking for affordable, stable alternatives to Square for their CBD payment processing needs. Some business owners have thousands of dollars in marketing and inventory committed but no way to accept payments.

According to Organic Payment Gateways, they have implemented a pre-screen and new account intake program that will allow them to recommend a credit card processing solution that best fits each legal CBD seller’s business. For retail establishments they offer simple, reliable desktop terminals, and for website owners they have a hands on integration team that will work with business owners – one-on-one – to integrate their payment processing with most major website builders and shopping carts – including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and even Wix.

Even in this stressful environment, the Organic Payment Gateways team is committed to a personalized, efficient approach that considers the exact products, CoA’s, and marketing methods of each CBD business they work with to reduce the risk of surprises down the road.

CBD site owners who utilize Organic Payment Gateways’ “Square Payment Processing Alternatives for CBD” placement program will need to answer some basic questions, such as exactly what products they will be selling, how long they were processing credit cards, and their refund and quality assurance policies. Additionally, CBD business owners will need to document their prior processing sales volume, as that impacts which processor is the best fit.

According to Organic Payment Gateways, there are a host of reliable CBD payment processors that can be a good fit, but choosing the best solution depends on many factors, such as time in business, product line, and sales volume. Organic Payment Gateways will gather all preliminary information and then act as a consultant, assisting with the application process and website integration.

The Organic Payment Gateway website explains that their service is provided without a direct cost to CBD site owners, potentially a significant benefit for those who are concerned with cash flow due to a recent merchant account disruption or shake-up. According to Organic Payment Gateways, the processors compensate them in exchange for screening and introducing qualified CBD site owners.

To learn more about Organic Payment Gateways’ “Square Payment Processing Alternatives for CBD” program, visit their site at and click the Start arrow at the bottom of the page.

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