Oxydus Launches Crowdfunding for Patented Approach to Clean AI-Powered Atmospheric Water Technology and its Industry

NEW YORK, April 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Oxydus, an innovator in patented water solutions, launched its crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder.com. The company’s unique approach aims to solve the contamination problem in (AWG) atmospheric water generators.

Oxydus is motivated to tackle this humanitarian and environmental challenge. After receiving the patents needed to cover their method and Teva7 machine, they are inviting investors to help deliver steady, scalable, and safe drinking water at any location.

Learn more at Wefunder.com/oxydus. Watch the crowdfunding video here.

How Oxydus Solves AWG Water Contamination With AI

Oxydus plans to address these problems through a three-pronged approach. First, their patented method utilizes AI technology to monitor weather patterns and atmospheric conditions. This innovation will remotely automate the process so that it won’t require in-person staff for climate control.

Secondly, they will use a multistage filtration system for water quality. The process starts with the air. An AI vacuum extracts humidity through multiple filters before it reaches condensation. Sensors in the vacuum then communicate with cloud management control so that the condensation temperature is maximized for throughput in humid and arid climates.

Without this communication in the cloud, the machine wouldn’t be able to produce water in dry climates, making the Teva7 a man-made oasis for the desert. Also, it makes the machine an industry disruptor because it can increase water production when conditions are most ideal. Other machines are limited to one climate. Once the water vapor passes through condensation, the machine filters it again adding minerals and UV light exposure. The end product is immediately drinkable water that tastes good.

Lastly, Oxydus will power their Teva7 machines with solar-powered nano batteries. This innovation will make the product uniquely sustainable as it will only require minimal maintenance for use. Any community would be able to benefit from this solution regardless of location or energy limitations.

The Benefits of Teva7’s Air-to-Water Process

The company states that a single Teva7 machine can produce 20,000 liters of clean, fresh drinking water each day. But more importantly, it can offer it at a competitive price of $0.02 per liter. Since cost is arguably the biggest obstacle to AWG adoption, this price point can significantly help make clean water available to everyone.

The team also designed a product that can fit most environments and is easy to maintain. They achieved this feature using standard off-the-shelf components and a modular boxed-based design. It comes in three sizes and operates with little noise. 

Additionally, it uses an advanced water storage system to contain up to 10,568 gallons of water. This added benefit provides a reliable water source, even in times of natural disasters.

About Oxydus

The United Abrahamic Family, Inc d/b/a Oxydus is a globalized atmospheric water technology company powered by patented artificial intelligence and multi-stage water filtration technology. See here for important legal disclosures.


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