PANGEA Global Technologies (PGT) Formally Launches the Pangea Software Pilot Program to Support Horticulture Operations of All Sizes

The Pangea Software Pilot Program will reduce horticulture energy costs, provide data gathering & analytics, and offers significant financing solutions with software and hardware installations

LOS ANGELES, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PANGEA Global Technologies, Inc. (PGT), the nation’s leading technology solutions provider and manufacturer of LED lighting, launches the Pangea Software Pilot Program for horticulture operations across the United States. The Pangea Software Pilot Program aims to increase access to smart agriculture technology that addresses two key operational challenges: reducing energy use and associated costs and providing access to financing capital.

The Pangea Software Pilot Program is divided into four tiers with scaling pricing. T1 priced at $1,000 per month, T2 at $1,500, T3 at $2,500 and T4 at $4,000. Each tier scales by the number of grow lights, the number of free sensors included, sensor connectivity and the number of users. All tiers include software and security updates, monthly hosting, monthly licensing and fixture mapping. The initial light schedule set-up is included in T2, T3 and T4, and exportable data is available for T3 and T4.

Access to investment capital, especially in cannabis, remains a significant challenge for grow farms today as investment levels trend downwards from 2021. The Pangea Software Pilot Program offers financing of 75% of lighting hardware over 12 months with a 25% deposit and includes an agreement to use the Pangea Software platform for lighting controls, energy monitoring, environmental sensors, data gathering, reporting and analytics. PGT’s lighting hardware and Pangea software reduced one RocketFarms grow facility’s energy consumption by 44%; an average reduction of 25% per light. PGT’s hardware and software again provided enough energy savings data to enable HMP to receive $537,000 worth of on-bill refinancing rebates from the local utility – a 63% increase from the initial rebate of $336,000.

"Our goal as a company and with our pilot program is to lower the barriers of entry for growers of all scale", says PGT Chairman and CEO Bryan Fried. "Growers don’t have access to investment capital as they did in 2021 and earlier to reduce their operational and energy use costs. With the launch of the Pangea Software Pilot Program, our platform can solve both capital and energy cost issues and set grow farms up for success." Fried recently introduced the pilot program at Benzinga 2022 Cannabis Conference in Miami.

Pangea’s open-architecture, wireless lighting platform enables the creation of Smart Environments, automation, data reporting and third-party device connectivity. Many current project applications include automated horticulture farming, energy monitoring and reporting, privatized Wi-Fi, video integration and analytics, audio threat detection, air quality sensors and controls, large scale utility controls for factories and distribution centers, moisture sensors and controls, CO2 and temperature sensors and controls, soil sensors, and par sensors with Apogee quantum meters. The truly wireless system connects up to 3,000+ fixtures on a single gateway, with no wiring between light fixtures, granting full wireless control of individual light fixtures and pre-set zones while gathering data and generating real-time reporting.

"Growers and investors repeatedly tell us their top challenge is access to capital for investment in smart technology and maintaining a competitive edge from the ROI achieved from cutting energy costs. Through our pilot program, our financing for lighting turns upfront capital expenditures into operational expenditures and eases the upfront cost of capital on farms," adds Fried. "The Pangea pilot program has limited availability, so act now by going to our website and securing your company’s spot today."

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