Peabody Engineering Offers 360° Protection for Employees and Environment with its Full Line of PCS Containment Enclosures

LIBERTY, S.C., March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Peabody Engineering, a leading US manufacturer and distributor of tanks, telecommunication disguising equipment, and other various plastic products introduces their Pump Spill Containment (PCS) Enclosures line–PCS-1, PCS-2.1, PCS-3, the PCS PLUS-2 and PC PLUS-4 for large or multiple pumps, and the PumpTurtle, a single chemical metering pump. All PCS enclosures offer 360 degrees of protection for employees, equipment, and the environment.

"We are pleased to be able to answer our customers’ safe and effective chemical management needs with containment and enclosures that offer operational flexibility and protection," said Mark Peabody, CEO at Peabody Engineering. "The entire line features an innovative, modular, and durable design that’s compatible with a wide range of chemicals."

Constructed from linear polyethylene, or fiberglass for the PCS-PRO, the PCS enclosures are UV-stabilized, corrosion- and weather-resistant, and include lockable doors to secure your equipment from unauthorized access. Designed for versatility, each PCS product offers unique options.

On the smaller side of Containment Enclosures, consider using our PCS 1, PCS 2.1, PCS 3, or Pump Turtle. PCS-1, PCS-2.1, and PCS-3 comes with molded-in ribs for added rigidity and support for enclosure strength, raised mounting platforms to protect your pumps from discharge chemicals, bottom drain ports for easy and safe draining, integral sump reservoir to collect and discharge chemicals, and an optional divider shield to prevent adverse mixing. Each pump enclosure comes with options with or without a cover or divider. PCS-2.1 holds up to two pumps and PCS-3, up to three. Each of these models include anodized steel mounting clips and hardware for mounting on any flat vertical or horizontal surface.

The Pump Turtle is a cost effective enclosure that holds a single chemical metering pump. The two-piece construction has a removable "shell" which covers your pump and features a large view window for pump monitoring.

On the larger side of Containment Enclosures, consider using PCS-PLUS 2, PCS-PLUS 4 or PCS-PRO. PCS-PLUS 2 and PCS-PLUS 4 enclosures are ideal for large or multiple pumps. They are innovatively designed to reduce the number of secondary containment cabinets, a top concern for manufacturers with limited operational space. The PCS-PLUS 2 and PCS-PLUS 4 both have bottom suction outlets for pump suction and power cables, hinged top hood for ease in servicing internal equipment, and optional internal cooling and heating fans. PCS-PLUS 4 offers optional digital external air conditioning. Both enclosures can be used for pump controllers, sampling stations, tank and drum storage, coupon racks, piping manifolds, and hazardous waste collection stations.

The PCS-PRO Fiberglass Pump and Equipment Enclosures come in four standard sizes and are the ultimate enclosure solution for larger chemfeed pumps, peristaltic pumps, double air diaphragm pumps, multiple pumps, or other process equipment in one enclosure, with almost unlimited size options. 

For more information about the entire line of Peabody Engineering’s PCS containment products, please visit their catalog or follow Peabody’s social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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Peabody Engineering, founded in 1952, is a manufacturer and distributor of tanks, telecommunication disguising equipment, and other various plastic products that meet the demand of a wide range of markets.

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