Practical Wireless Energy Transmission Made Possible with INFRGY’s Energy Harvesting Circuit

Device converts high RF signals to DC while augmenting output by harvesting energy from the environment

HONOLULU, May 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — INFRGY LLC proudly announces its device to convert high radio frequencies (RF) to direct current (DC) electricity with no power loss. The circuit augments the energy supplied to the system with energy harvested from the environment, resulting in increased output that may be utilized in wireless and wired applications.

“The device is actually two technologies in one” says co-founder Parvez Rishi. “Part of the invention harvests surrounding energy, while the other part efficiently converts RF signals to DC. While both accomplishments are significant milestones, they become transformational when combined in one device.”

The INFRGY prototype captures radio frequency signals emitted by a transmitter, as well as electromagnetic signals harvested from the environment. The device then converts the captured RF energy into usable DC power. By using a patent-pending combination of diodes, capacitors, and a rectifying bridge, the INFRGY device is able to efficiently transfer energy without any loss – and in fact increases energy output with the additional harvested energy. This energy output may be used in applications that are wired, wireless or a combination of both.

The device provides benefits to both consumers and businesses. True wireless charging offers consumers the advantage of convenience, alleviating the necessity of contending with numerous chargers and entangled cables. Businesses can benefit from industrial automation with reduced hazards, simplified energy generation for large networks, and continuous operations.

INFRGY is collaborating with two top universities in India to test their device. The startup is grateful for the opportunity to test and continually develop their high-potential smart circuit with the University of Kashmir’s Institute of Technology and the National Institute of Technology Srinagar’s Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Former Hawaii Governor John Waihee, who serves as an advisor feels that such technology has the potential to diversify renewable energy sources significantly. He states: “we’re facing an urgent need for a broad array of technologies to address the climate crisis. Since this technology isn’t reliant on other forms of sustainable energy sources, it can play an important role in a renewable energy portfolio.”

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