Produce Industry Expert, Brenton Field, Promoted to Vice President of Operations at Nabaco® Inc.

With various successful product trials achieved, Field will lead the company’s focus on operational commercialization.

SAN MARCOS, Texas, Aug. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nabaco® Inc. is proud to announce the promotion of Brenton Field to Vice President of Operations. Brenton has vast experience in both the produce industry and the United States Air Force. He came to Nabaco with 30+ years of experience working in produce, most recently with Chiquita and AgroFresh, and prior roles in the citrus and tomato categories, and served in the United States Air Force for 30 years, where he was Director of JACCE team 1. His expertise in strategic planning and logistics management makes him an excellent fit to lead Nabaco’s operations.

In his former role as Director of Technical Sales, Field was instrumental in the development of trial protocols for use of Nabaco’s flagship edible coating NatuWrap® on various produce commodities for growers and packers. He led his team to conduct various successful trials with grapes, apples, pears, Florida citrus, California citrus and melons demonstrating the product’s flexible application either pre-harvest or post-harvest. With NatuWrap, produce maintained freshness and hydration, proving to be a preferred alternative to wax, whether the application was in the field, for use in global transport or in storage.

When asked about why he chose to join the Nabaco team, Field replied "As I met with Gary Beall (CEO) and he explained what his vision is, I got excited about returning to the produce industry while providing the opportunity to help reduce food waste, increase growers’ and packers’ product output, and enhance return on their crops." Now, Field is thrilled at the positive industry response, level of grower and packer interest in the product, and the company’s trajectory for growth. "Customers are so excited about NatuWrap’s edible character and its ability to be applied in a number of different stages of the supply chain, from the field through the packing houses, to even possibly the store level. There is very little to almost no restriction as to how or when we apply the coating."

Vice President of Sales, Kevin Frye, considers Field an integral part of the Nabaco team. "Brenton has broad produce knowledge across many commodities and from multiple perspectives, including produce ripening, packing house operations, produce quality, and global transportation. As we commercialize, this experience and knowledge is critical so NatuWrap can be implemented with minimal change to customers’ current operations."

As Vice President of Operations, Field’s role will expand to include commercialization protocols for growers and packers, so they can apply the coating properly using their own equipment. He will also be part of the integration of USDA and regulatory compliance, product labeling, and exports.

About Nabaco® Inc.

Dedicated to making positive impacts on world hunger and climate change, Nabaco is comprised of scientists, entrepreneurs, industry experts, and researchers. The team includes leaders with decades of experience commercializing research into successful products. Nabaco is revolutionizing the produce industry with its GRAS approved edible coating: NatuWrap®. The patented NatuWrap coating keeps moisture in, while keeping oxygen and unwanted microorganisms out, thereby extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, providing value to growers, packers, retailers, and consumers. NatuWrap cost-effectively reduces losses that account for billions of dollars lost each year in the produce supply chain. To learn more or inquire about investment opportunities, visit

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