Rachio Market Enters Second Summer Helping Customers Connect Outside Through Partner Products and Exclusive Software Integrations

DENVER, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Rachio, the pioneering brand in smart-yard technology, is gearing up for its second summer with Rachio Market — its ever-expanding selection of premium product integrations and partnerships. As the Smart Yard leader, Rachio seeks out the best, smartest, and most innovative new yard and garden products on the market, then curates these hard-to-find brands into one simple shopping experience. Every product Rachio partners with is designed to bring the smart home outdoors, enriching the outdoor lifestyle, and promoting sustainability and water conservation. Rachio customers are known to be early adopters of modern, outdoor tech, and these partnerships enable them to water efficiently and/or expand their smart home ecosystem, so they can Connect Outside this summer.

Rachio Market continues to promote its own line of acclaimed smart watering devices as well, including the award-winning Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller and newly launched Smart Hose Timer, which allow users to conveniently water their outdoor spaces directly from the free Rachio mobile app. Within just one year, Rachio Market has grown to feature an impressive selection of 10 innovative brands and over 20 partnered products, transforming it into a dynamic platform that makes top-tier water-saving and Smart Yard products easily discoverable for its community, while providing exposure to deserving brands.

“The success of our smart sprinkler controllers has established Rachio as a trusted source for high-quality and tech-forward products that help customers Connect Outside,” said Kim Sentovich, Rachio’s CEO. “We launched Rachio Market with the goal of collaborating with like-minded brands that bring unique, eco-friendly technologies to the table and allow users to spend more worry-free, quality time outdoors. These partnerships have really resonated with our community, and we’re excited to expand our marketplace to make the smart yard a part of everyone’s home.”

To kick off the growing season and warmer weather ahead, Rachio has expanded its marketplace by adding premier outdoor lifestyle and sustainable products including:

Above Smart Umbrella – A solar-powered connected patio umbrella that automatically closes in windy conditions or can be controlled with a remote, making setup and takedown effortless. Featuring an LED light and solar panel for power, the Above Umbrella is brand new, and perfect for anyone building the ultimate smart yard.

BioLite FirePit+ – This exciting new smart fire pit includes a battery-powered fan to control flame intensity, and runs on either wood or charcoal. It’s easily controlled through BioLite’s free app or buttons on the long-lasting battery. A unique conversation-starter, it’s great for backyard hangouts or campsite grilling.

Among the notable mission-driven brands available at Rachio Market is Root Quencher, a brand with three underground watering products that delivers water directly to tree and plant roots, effectively minimizing surface evaporation and reducing water waste by 50%.

Rachio has also partnered with WeatherFlow since the inception of Rachio Market to offer the Tempest Weather System, which directly integrates with Rachio watering devices. The Tempest Weather System provides hyper-local and precise weather forecasting, enabling Rachio controllers to skip watering when it rains and avoid unnecessary water usage.

Since its establishment in 2013, Rachio has maintained its industry-leading position by prioritizing sustainability and responsible water management. Rachio’s advanced watering devices incorporate built-in weather intelligence and cutting-edge features like Rain Skip and Seasonal Shift, allowing users to save at least 50% more water compared to traditional sprinkler controllers. The collective efforts of the Rachio community have resulted in an impressive water savings of over 150 billion gallons to date. Rachio plans to save over 3 trillion gallons of water by 2030.

Through Rachio Market’s innovative product offerings and partnerships, Rachio is revolutionizing outdoor spaces, expanding the smart home ecosystem outside. To learn more about Rachio and its partnered products, please visit Rachio.com.

About Rachio

Rachio is a mission-driven B-Corp company leveraging technology to increase sustainable water use and make yard management effortless. Pioneering the smart irrigation category since

2013, Rachio continues to lead the smart yard market with its third generation of smart irrigation

Controllers and new Smart Hose Timer, intelligently delivering the right amount of water for a yard to thrive and saving homeowners – and the planet – billions of gallons of water. For more information, visit Rachio.com and follow @RachioCo on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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