ReCircled Opens New PATCHWORKS Platform in Asia

DENVER, Nov. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ReCircled LLC, a preprocessor for footwear, apparel and accessories, Nakano Co. Ltd, a leading Japanese Textile sorting company, and Toyota Tsusho Corporation, a Japanese trading firm, have signed a Letter of Intent to build the systems and processes for Textile Upcycling and Recycling for the Asian Market. 

In April 2023 Toyota Tsusho announced the launch of PATCHWORKS™ to promote the Circular Economy.  This project is to create a circular economy system for used clothing, towards the goal of providing opportunities and futures for all discarded clothing to be revived as new clothing by the year 2050.

So far, Toyota Tsusho has partnered with Nakano Co. Ltd, which specializes in the integrated operation of collecting, sorting, reusing, and recycling of used clothing.  This partnership was the first for the PATCHWORKS™ platform. 

ReCircled will provide the knowledge, processes and technology that has been developed for the North American and European market for both upcycling and recycling clothing, footwear and accessories. 

Toyota Tsusho will first address major fibers used in clothing—such as polyester, cotton, and nylon—in cooperation with Nakano and various related parties to establish a textile-to-textile recycling, Simultaneously, Toyota Tsusho will facilitate the development of easy-to-recycle textile materials and products with partner companies.

In the medium-to-long term, Toyota Tsusho plans not only to expand the business, sales and R&D of new materials made from recycled fibers, but also to enter into new business fields (collection, sorting, and recycling) to invent new products and services contributing to the rise of circular economy system, which needs more than just collaborations.

Scott Kuhlman, CEO of ReCircled said, “This agreement and collaboration allows our brand partners access to a global system for Circularity.  The problems we face are not regional and now we can build an end – to – end process starting with factory scrap all the way to end-of-life items.” 

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SOURCE ReCircled