Rethink the Way You Water With New ‘Direct to the Root’ Solutions From Root Quencher

Root Quencher Introduces a New Drip Irrigation System in time for Earth Day Saves Money

LOS ANGELES, April 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In celebration of Earth Day, Root Quencher® Spike drip irrigation alternative is introducing a new line of products inspired by the need to keep a half century old family orchard alive. Root Quencher® is a subsurface watering and irrigation system that brings effective, yet simple underground watering innovation to the garden & landscape industry. Root Quencher products are the most efficient method to keep plants, flowers, and trees properly hydrated, fertilized and healthy all year long.

NEW! Root Quencher Spike Designed for homeowners and landscape professionals, the Root Quencher Spike connects directly into ½” drip line to bring water to specific plants in flower beds and hillsides. The Spike saves time and money with its self-piercing capability and the dual function of delivering water thru a spike 6″ in the ground and holding your drip line in place at the same time. Also comes with an adapter to enable use in potted plants and other locations.

“As we head into the summer months, it’s important that we continue to have plant and tree health thrive while being conscious of water bills and time,” said Robert Summers, Founder of Root Quencher. “Our products are the perfect addition to any homeowner and landscape professional needs to properly water plants and trees with an easy to install deep irrigation device that waters directly at the roots.”

Root Quencher Saves 50% water (versus sprinkler based watering) and integrates with existing irrigation systems, or can perform as a standalone device to water (and fertilize) plants and trees directly at the roots. It is fully adjustable (9 to 22 inches) in consideration of root depth and soil conditions while the flow controls facilitate directional water flow. Made in the USA with high quality recycled ABS material, Root Quencher is unlike anything on the market today and will not only save money, and water but also extend the life of your trees and plants.

Root Quencher Jr. Easy install deep watering device for small bushes and plants like rose bushes and tomato plants. When a drip hose isn’t enough but a full-sized RQ isn’t needed, the RQ Jr. can give your plants the benefit of watering deeply and adding fertilizer and nutrients exactly where they’re needed—the roots.


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