Rusco™ adds Smart Leak Detector

Developer of Spin-Down and Sediment Trapper Filters adds to its smart product line

BROOKSVILLE, Fla., July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Continuing its commitment to meeting consumer needs with quality and innovative products, water filtration pioneer Rusco™ is pleased to release the Rusco Smart Leak Detector, which will add to its expanding line of smart products.

"We’re really excited about adding these leak detectors to our line of smart products," said Michael Klump, president of Rusco. "We started with the Smart Ball Valve in November of 2021 and adding these Smart Leak Detectors will allow our customers to create smart systems in their homes or businesses that can save a lot of time, money and hassle from water damage caused by undetected leaks. We look forward to delivering additional products to our smart line later this year."

Compatible with leading smart hubs, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home, the Rusco Smart Leak Detector is app-driven and pairs with Apple and Android™ devices. Its connectivity to the app allows for convenient notifications to a smart phone or tablet and easy pairing with other smart devices, such as Rusco’s Smart Ball Valve. The product has an alarm in it, in the case that a phone or tablet is not nearby. This leak detector is very small and powered by two AAA batteries, making it light and really easy to place in areas where a water leak might occur. 

One of the most exciting features of this product is how it can pair with other smart products like Rusco’s Smart Ball Valve to create a smart system. When paired with the Smart Ball Valve, a leak detector can tell the valve to close when a water leak is detected, potentially saving thousands of dollars in water damages.

Klump added, "A lot of people think about installing smart thermostats or smart security systems in their homes or businesses, but when it comes to water monitoring, the percentage of people who invest in those systems is significantly less. I think one of the issues with that is the cost of these systems. With our Smart Leak Detectors and Smart Ball Valves, Rusco is hoping to give customers a high-quality and affordable option to prevent very costly water damage in the event of a water leak." 

The Rusco Smart Leak Detector is now available for its network of more than 600 distributors. This is the first of several new products currently in development and slated for release in 2022.

About Rusco, Inc.

A third-generation company, Rusco Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of efficient water sediment filters and accessories since 1983. Rusco is built on pillars of quality and innovation, with its products widely distributed around the globe. The company proudly manufactures in the USA, using industrial grade, chemical resistant materials. All are tested for durability to withstand heavy sediment conditions without leaks, making it one of the toughest lines in the filtration market.

Mikey Skoglund, OrangeWave Creative Media