RussKap Water, LLC, Announces AWG Implementation in Flint, Michigan

MIAMI, June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RussKap Water, LLC, a Florida-based company, announced today the sale of its revolutionary Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) units to the City of Flint, Michigan. Hallmarked as the world’s leading solution in clean drinking water, these units create healthy, toxin-free drinking water from the air. RussKap has become the world leader in AWG technology and has recently opened a new facility in North Carolina operated by U.S. veterans where the company will be manufacturing its newest units.

Ed Russo, co-founder and CEO of RussKap, said, "this contract is a tribute to the work of Mayor Neeley and his staff who are constantly working to bring innovative, long-term, and healthy solutions to the drinking water crisis that harmed the residents of Flint."

RussKap co-founder and President, Yehuda Kaploun, stated, "with the world’s attention on the damage caused to Flint’s residents by unsafe drinking water latent with lead and other toxins, we were eager to rise to the task and work with Mayor Neeley and his staff to provide a healthy, toxin-free drinking water solution by extracting drinking water from the air.

Although the water in Flint, Michigan has gotten better and continues to improve, the city is readily advancing clean drinking water provisions for its residents. Numerous business leaders who have a presence in Flint joined the city’s efforts in support of a sustainable and viable clean drinking water solution. Philanthropist and talk-show host Armstrong Williams spearheaded the testing of AWG technologies from various companies in this arena in order to find the most optimal provider.

Tawana Bain, the President of SMS Clean Resources, remarked, "Unfortunately, the under-privileged and minority communities are the ones who suffer from lasting adverse health effects caused by toxins in their public drinking water supply. That’s why SMS Clean Resources is partnering with RussKap to offer a healthy and reliable clean water solution for affected communities across the United States."

RussKap put out a statement saying, "All of us, from Mayor Neeley and the city council to local business leaders, bear the responsibility to enable and ensure healthy and pure drinking water for Flint’s residents. There is no safe level of lead in drinking water. We thank Mayor Neeley and his staff for taking initiative and leading the way in implementing innovative and healthy drinking water solutions."

Regarding the city’s efforts, Mayor Neeley stated, "the City of Flint is always working to provide the best and healthiest drinking water to its residents, and after a lengthy process we picked RussKap’s new Tiffany units as the best solution to replace water fountains. The team at RussKap has demonstrated over a sustained period that their machines work efficiently to provide healthy, toxin-free drinking water."

Lengthy tests have been conducted over the past year alongside a pilot program to provide AWG units at the Hasselbring Senior Citizen Center in Flint. "The RussKap units consistently provided the highest quality water," Neeley said. "Flint had once been the national focus for bad quality water and we are now taking the steps necessary to be known for the best solutions in clean and high-quality water. Working with RussKap has advanced this initiative and helped demonstrate a sustainable and clean drinking water solution for the entire world."

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