‘Saint James Holding and Investment Company Trust’ (SJT) Finalizes Plans for Multiple Self-Sustaining Intentional Communities – Works to Create a Living Solution for Tribal State Nations and Other Dependent Populations in Search of Economic Autonomy

BATON ROUGE, La., Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SJT recently announced that it was moving forward with plans for its innovative community development project: the Self-Sustaining Intentional Community (SSIC). A SSIC is a new real estate development plan for sites initially located in the U.S., before eventually expanding out to global locations. SSICs have all the traditional elements of a town: housing, businesses, schools, medical facilities, recreation, utilities, and other services, but are autonomous and fully functioning without the need for other local, state, or federal support. Sites are being initially developed in Louisiana, and interested parties are welcome to review the SSIC explainer video and SSIC white paper for more information.

“SSIC communities are self-sustaining because they produce goods and services that generate income and serve the community at the same time,” said SJT Founder, Elder Jeffre Saint James. “Everyone benefits from the community’s success, so everyone has a vested interest in making sure the community thrives. The philosophy is not a new one, but we’ve taken it in brand new directions. Among other unique approaches, our economic model includes profit-sharing in aggregate, allowing the community to benefit from the profits of every single business in the community, rather than just isolated businesses here and there. Other aspects of the SSIC project include co-op housing that uses all green technology; water extraction projects that take water directly from the air; indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse methods for growing all produce; multi-use sports, entertainment, and Compassion Centers for Health and Well-Being; and multiple manufacturing facilities that create sustainable jobs for community members with goods that can be exported to neighboring towns or sold online.” 

SJT is also working toward officially presenting SSICs to the Biden Administration as a progressive and workable solution to helping address the needs of Tribal Nations across the U.S. – nations that are in drastic need of economic and social reinvigoration. SSICs can:

  • Strengthen Nation-to-Nation relationships.
  • Provide reliable, affordable, quality health care and address health disparities.
  • Restore tribal lands, address climate change, and safeguard natural and cultural resources.
  • Ensure Native communities are safer, while tackling the crisis of violence against Native women, children, and the elderly.
  • Expand economic opportunity and community development.
  • Invest in education and youth engagement.
  • Meet obligations to and honor Native veterans.
  • And ensure Native Americans can exercise their right to vote.

Learn more about the potential for SSICs by going online, or on social media:
, https://www.facebook.com/Saint-James-Holding-and-Investment-Company-108878044024592

Media Contact:
Elder Jeffre Saint James, D.PSc, M.B.A.


SOURCE Saint James Holding and Investment Company Trust (SJT)