Save on Popular CO2Meter Indoor Air Quality Monitors for Prime Day Starting at $89 (Up to 50% Off)

ORMOND BEACH, Fla., July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Amazon Prime Day officially takes place July 12th -13th, 2022 and big sales are just a matter of minutes away. As always there are plenty of opportunities for consumers to shop some of the most coveted technologies at low prices. And 2022 Prime Day now includes CO2Meter indoor air quality devices at just $89.00. With almost two decades of experience in the manufacturing of gas detection and technology devices, CO2Meter is proud to offer customers limited time only deals to create healthier spaces, promote cleaner air, and mitigate the spread of airborne viruses.

In fact, CO2Meter, has often been recognized as a "leading source" in indoor air quality devices in the US and their proven gas sensing technologies have helped provide a variety of solutions for Fortune 500 partners across pharmaceutical, restaurant, agriculture, university, and research applications. One reason CO2Meter has earned this stellar reputation is because of its focus on providing high quality devices and cost-effective price points which is critical for budget strapped schools and businesses.

"When it comes to indoor air quality, once you understand your air and the factors that impact it, you can actually improve it," states, Executive Vice President, Joshua Pringle. And he’s not wrong. Over the past few years, understanding and fine-tuning indoor air quality has become the norm especially as the COVID-19 pandemic heightened overall awareness of indoor air contaminants which allowed individuals the ability to see what you bring indoors can invite allergens, debris, and actual viruses – which can be hazardous to your health.

One positive note is that by understanding the importance of your air quality, especially CO2, individuals can dramatically improve their air creating a more positive lifestyle and reducing the negative health effects that poor IAQ can bring.

Such negative health effects can include asthma, allergies, fatigue, common cold, and the spread of severe viruses like COVID-19. Currently, CO2Meter customers across the globe have gained tremendous benefit by using indoor air quality monitors like the "IAQ Mini CO2 Monitor" to measure air quality instantly in areas like homes, classrooms, and offices.

And, with schools preparing to bring back students after the long hot summer, what better way to prevent the spread of common colds and flus than proper ventilation and air quality precautions. Many school systems across the U.S., like New York City and California have made air quality monitoring an actual mandate of their school requirements and in turn have been using the devices to aid children in learning about the effects of poor air quality and what they can do to create healthier environments not only in the classroom but in their homes, too.

Normally fetching at around $139 for an air quality monitor, you’re looking at a new all-time low that’s $50 under original price. Much the same as some of CO2Meters highest quality air testers, the "IAQ-Mini" is easy-to-use, includes plug and play capabilities, and provides a large color-changing LCD display that instantly changes color dependent upon the levels of CO2 in the room. This in turn, provides an instant indication should ventilation be needed, promotes peace of mind, and reduces overall exposure to potential pathogens.

Other notable features of CO2Meter indoor air quality devices include long-lasting batteries, ECO saving power functionalities, user configurable settings, compact size, and the ability to also measure areas like temperature and relative humidity. You can learn more about indoor air quality monitoring and added benefits, here.

Alongside the lead deal, CO2Meter is offering an added chance to win a $100 gift card with any Amazon air quality purchase to customers that submit a short customer feedback survey after purchase. CO2Meter hopes they can continue to drive enough education so that consumers, businesses, students, and public health officials can make intelligent decisions, maintain proper air quality, and create a healthier lifestyle.

Just be sure to power on your IAQ-Mini, take advantage of the savings, and breathe cleaner air in no time!

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Often identified as the "leading source" for gas detection, monitoring, and analytical solutions, CO2Meter continues to focus on the development of solutions for customers. Since its incorporation in 2006, CO2Meter works diligently to utilize the latest, proven gas sensing technologies to solve the urgent needs of our partners. ­­By providing unique, high quality, sensors, and devices CO2Meter strives each day and in each customer interaction to provide education about gas detection and monitoring, and to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the public.

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