Second Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum Hosted by the Foundation for Climate Restoration

WASHINGTON, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR) today announced the second Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum on September 15 and 16, 2020. The Forum coincides with the United Nations General Assembly Opening Week and is just one week before Climate Week, two global events that unify all sectors around the Sustainable Development Goals.

Building off of the success of the first Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum held at the United Nations in the Trusteeship Council Chamber last September, the 2020 Forum will be a virtual convening of global leaders. The event will showcase emerging technological innovations and is intended to galvanize support for initiatives that will restore the climate by 2050. Thought-leaders and practitioners from science, engineering, economics, policy, finance, and industry will gather virtually to discuss why climate restoration, alongside mitigation and adaptation, is an essential framework for climate action. The Forum will explore how we can – and must – restore the climate for future generations.

Last Tuesday, Pope Francis joined the call for climate restoration in a statement saying “climate restoration is of utmost importance…”

What is Climate Restoration?

For over a century, we have released billions of tons of CO2 into our atmosphere. Restoring our climate means safely and permanently removing this excess CO2 to return us to pre-industrial levels.

We must undertake climate restoration in concert with mitigation and adaptation. While it is important to reduce emissions and adjust to life in a changing climate, this excess atmospheric CO2 is the main driver of climate change. Even when we achieve net zero emissions, our legacy emissions will linger and cause climate change to continue and accelerate. Only climate restoration will address the dangerous levels of CO2 already in our atmosphere.

WHAT: Second Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum
WHERE: Virtual Conference. Register for free the event, here.
WHEN: September 15-16 & 18, 2020

There will be 6 sessions. Each session will be 60 minutes and include dynamic panels with leading industry voices, pre-recorded videos, Q&A segments and networking opportunities. Each webinar will be hosted by the Foundation for Climate Restoration’s CEO, Rick Parnell. This event is underwritten by Guggenheim Partners and the Peter J. and Sharon D. Fiekowsky Trust.

1. The Science of Climate Restoration 
Tuesday, September 15; 11-12pm ET 

This session will feature renowned scientists and researchers who will discuss how carbon removal technologies can “clean up” the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The discussion will provide an overview of the technologies and natural solutions – both on the market and in development – that promise to remove the 95% of legacy carbon in the atmosphere.


  • Dr. Erica Dodds, COO, F4CR
  • Sir David King, Former United Kingdom Chief Scientific Advisor to HM Government
  • Tom Chi, Founding Partner, At One Ventures; Founder, Prototype Thinking LLC; Former Head of Experience, Google X
  • Justin Winters, Co-Founder & Executive Director, One Earth
  • Dr. Graciela Chichilnisky, Co-Founder & CEO, Global Thermostat; Professor of Economics, Columbia University;

2. Oceans and Carbon Sequestration
When: Tuesday, September 15; 1-2pm ET 

Oceans cover 70 percent of the world, and they have already absorbed about a third of our carbon emissions. The oceans will play a critical role if we are to restore the climate. In this session, the Ocean Climate Alliance (OCA) will discuss carbon sequestration and other means of restoring healthy ocean ecosystems.


  • Brad Ack, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Ocean Climate Trust
  • David Koweek, Fellow, Ocean Visions
  • Kelly Wanser, Founder & Executive Director, SilverLining

Also featuring:

  • Brian von Herzen, Founder, Climate Foundation
  • Geoff Chapin, CEO, C-Combinator
  • Dr. Chip Fletcher, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa
  • Paul Holthus, CEO, World Oceans Council
  • Alexis Valauri-Orton, Program Officer, The Ocean Foundation
  • Dr. Steve Gaines, Dean, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, University of California, Santa Barbara

3. Climate Restoration Solutions
When: Tuesday, September 15; 3-4pm ET

This session will feature companies with business models that focus on restorative technologies and sustainable practices. We will discuss a number of innovations, including the underground storage of carbon and its conversion into useful building materials.


  • Diana Walker, Founder and CEO, Walker Impact Strategies
  • Sandra Kwak, Founder & CEO, 10Power,
  • Marie-Noelle Keijzer, CO-Founder, WeForest,
  • Steve, Oldham, CEO, Carbon Engineering,
  • Kelly Erhart, Co-Founder and Director of Development, Project Vesta

 Also featuring:

  • Blue Planet
  • Carbon Upcycling
  • Puro Earth
  • ClimeWorks

4. Climate Restoration Investment Opportunity
When: Wednesday, September 16; 11-12pm ET 

At the 2020 World Economic Forum, the Thunderbird School of Global Management released a report projecting that, through carbon capture technologies, the world can realize at least $1trillion–$3trillion dollars in market opportunities and $3trillion–$5trillion dollars in broader economic, social, and environmental benefits by 2030. In this session, you will hear from leading impact investors, venture capitalists, and other innovators about carbon negative investments and related market opportunities.


  • Sanjeev Khagram, Dean, Thunderbird School of Global Management
  • Henry Elkus, Founder and CEO, Helena Group
  • Christian Jølck, Strategic Initiatives, NREP
  • Christine Harada, Founder of i(x) Investments and Former Federal Chief Sustainability Officer for the Obama Administration
  • Michael Perkinson, Chief of Staff, Asia Business Management, Guggenheim Partners

 Also featuring:

  • Tom Baruch, Founder, Baruch Ventures
  • Dave Cortese, County Supervisor, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

5. The Climate Restoration Movement
When: Wednesday, September 16; 1-2pm ET 

A growing coalition of voices across faiths, communities, and generations has been urgently pushing for climate action. In this session, you will hear from organizers, activists, and other leaders about the origins of the movement, their successful efforts to change perception of the emergency, and the intersectional work required to improve public health and social justice outcomes.


  • Kye Young, Principal, Social Impact Partners LLC
  • Ashley Meeky, Board Member, F4CR
  • Alexandria Villaseñor, Founder, Earth Uprising
  • Lindsay Levin, CEO, Leader’s Quest & Founding Partner, Countdown
  • Melissa Kilby, Executive Director, Girl Up
  • Paul van Engen, Right Now!, Senior Advisor, European Strategy, F4CR

 Also featuring:

  • Danielle Villafaña, Leader, Girl Up: Believe Survivors
  • Jean-Betrand Mhandu, Earth Day Coordinator, Zimbabwe
  • Brooke Robertson, Youth Ambassador, Foundation for Climate Restoration
  • Jesse Plank, Youth Ambassador, Foundation for Climate Restoration
  • Jade Zaroff, Broadway Green Alliance & Founder, Entertainment for Change

6. Wrap Up and Reflection
When: Friday, September 18; 1-2pm ET 

A summary of the week’s programming, an open Q&A, and a preview of upcoming key climate restoration events that will culminate in COP 26 in Glasgow, Scotland in November 2021.


  • Rick Parnell, CEO, F4CR
  • Erica Dodds, COO, F4CR
  • Diana Walker, Founder and CEO, Walker Impact Strategies
  • Kye Young, Principal, Social Impact Partners LLC
  • Ashley Meeky, Board Member, F4CR

About the Foundation for Climate Restoration
The Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR) is a nonprofit whose mission is to catalyze action to restore the climate by 2050. It uses global dialogue and initiatives to unite the public, policy-makers, and technical and business experts behind the common goal of reversing global warming and restoring a healthy climate for future generations. The F4CR encourages and spotlights achievable solutions to permanently remove excess carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. For more information visit

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