Serial Entrepreneurs Launch Nabaco® Inc. to Extend Produce Freshness with a Revolutionary Coating

The founders teamed up with produce industry veterans to deliver a sustainable, edible coating with superior technology and ease of implementation.

SAN MARCOS, Texas, June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Gary Beall and Dr. Rusty Phillips have teamed up with key experts in the produce industry to accelerate the growth of Nabaco® Inc. Nabaco manufactures a revolutionary safe and edible coating, called NatuWrap®, that extends the shelf life of produce. Dr. Beall and Dr. Phillips are both experienced entrepreneurs, inventors and researchers in material and biosciences. Both have founded successful startups and hold numerous patents and publications. 

Nabaco is revolutionizing the produce industry with its GRAS approved edible coating; NatuWrap. The patented, sustainable NatuWrap coating keeps moisture in, while keeping oxygen and unwanted microorganisms out. The odorless, colorless, tasteless technology extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, providing value to growers, packers, retailers and consumers. NatuWrap is versatile to apply and cost-effectively reduces losses that account for billions of dollars lost each year in the produce supply chain.

Dr. Gary Beall, CEO, Founder and Chair of the Board at Nabaco, has a Ph.D. in chemistry and worked in various industry roles for 21 years. He holds 48 US patents and his research interests include clay nanoparticles, nanocomposites and graphene materials. The combination of Dr. Beall’s experience in industry and as a professor and associate dean at Texas State University motivated him to start a commercialization program at the university. The Texas State MSEC program leads students through their research in a manner where they can focus on marketability and commercialization of their respective technologies. Dr. Beall runs an entrepreneurial boot camp and has competed seven times at The Rice Business Plan competition with student teams.

Dr. Rusty Phillips has a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of New Mexico. He has over 40 years of industry experience and holds 15 US patents. His research interests center around implant device product development. He is a founder and the VP of Technology for BioStable Science & Engineering, a cardiovascular implant device startup. He is active at Texas State University as an advisor, Entrepreneur in Residence, Board Member for the Texas State Development Foundation and a Distinguished Alumni. Dr. Phillips brings extensive expertise on intellectual property, sales, marketing, project management and commercialization to the Nabaco team.

"I am excited about Nabaco because it is one of those rare occasions when the technology improves food quality, lowers food waste and improves the bottom line for farmers, distributors and retailers. It also has the side effect of lessening world food insecurity and greenhouse gas emissions" states Gary Beall.

Rusty Phillips met Gary Beall at Texas State University and was impressed by Gary’s ability to bridge the gap between industry and academia. "Gary is versatile and has a tremendously broad expertise. He understands the strengths and weaknesses of both industry and academia and is able to cross silos." Gary Beall said "Rusty’s years of experience in entrepreneurship, intellectual property, and navigating the regulatory environment are critical to MSEC, Nabaco’s success and impacting student careers, food quality and supply."

About Nabaco® Inc.

Dedicated to making positive impacts on world hunger and climate change, Nabaco® is comprised of scientists, entrepreneurs, industry experts and researchers. The team includes leaders with decades of experience commercializing research into successful products. The award-winning Nabaco research team’s discovery, NatuWrap®, is a revolutionary fresh produce coating technology, which lengthens produce longevity, increases grower, packer, and retailer profitability, reduces waste, and improves fresh food availability around the world. To learn more or inquire about investment opportunities, please visit

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