Sewa International Joins Hands with Conscious Planet to Promote the Save Soil Global Movement

ATLANTA, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sewa International, through its Vasundhara Sewa program and its continued commitment to environmental causes, is supporting the Save Soil movement.

Save Soil is a global initiative launched by yogi and visionary Sadhguru to "invoke a conscious approach to soil and the planet." One of Save Soil‘s main objectives is to have countries across the globe enact necessary laws and policies that will "increase the organic content in cultivable soil" and address the catastrophic environmental degradation issues facing humanity.

After initial media coverage in the US, where Sadhguru was interviewed by Trevor Noah and Joe Rogan on March 21, he began a 100-day, 20,000-mile motorcycle journey across 27 countries. Sadhguru has traversed major European countries and cities. He has engaged with major European media as well as government leaders. He emphasizes the pressing need to formulate policies that address the looming threat of soil degradation.

Globally, 52 percent of agricultural land is already degraded, and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization predicts we only have 60 years of soil use left. Fortunately, there are proven solutions that could help reverse this calamitous trend if concerted steps are immediately initiated. Leading agencies such as the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, the World Food Program, and United Nations Environment Program are offering their support and expertise to ensure the success of these efforts.

Sewa International will support Save Soil‘s efforts through initiatives that engage its volunteers and the communities they live in. In alignment with the "Students for Soil" global initiative, Sewa will kick off Earth Day poster campaign involving the youth, amplifying their messages through social media. Sewa plans to encourage children to adopt plants and join nature outings. These efforts reflect a commitment to support Sadhguru’s vision of spreading the Save Soil message to 3.5 billion people.

One thousand plus LEAD (a program engaging high school and college students) participants will be conducting various activities and managing campaigns bringing awareness about soil health to their communities.

Sewa’s forty-three chapters will be conducting soil conservation and awareness activities. They will observe Earth Day on April 23 and organize a national webinar. Those involved will take the "Vasundhara Sewa" pledge: "I pledge to take steps toward the betterment of my Mother Earth. I will spread awareness to others. I will expand my knowledge and actions to reduce the carbon footprint and improve the environment and my community." The pledge can be taken at

"We in Sewa have always promoted the principle of serving all beings, sentient and non-sentient. Sewa means selfless service, and helping Sadhguru and his team spread this message of protecting the Earth is very much part of our goal to help people lead safe and healthy lives," said Prem Pusuloori, Director of Projects and Programs, Sewa International.

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